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School composition

Saturday night at home
An essay on the topic "Saturday night at our house," the 5-th class

At the end of the working week it's always the weekend. These days I really want to sleep and rest so that with new forces to be ready to work next week, sparing no effort, which had accumulated for two days of rest.

Every Saturday morning all want to sleep in. Saturday morning my family Wake up always in a good mood, anticipating, that we will have another vacation. While parents are still asleep I run to watch cartoons on TV. When the parents Wake up, we eat Breakfast and proceed to the General cleaning of the apartment. And I'm dusting, vacuuming dad, brother washes the floor and mom washes the Windows. I like to clean. Having cleaned my apartment, we're going to lunch, and then going to go for a walk. We love to go for a walk in the woods. The forest is located five hundred meters from the house, which is pretty close.In the forest there is a small Playground with a jungle gym, where I train with dad and brother. Sometimes we all together go down to the banks of the Volga and watch as waves crash on the shore as the ships and as fishermen catch fish. Sometimes dad takes a fishing rod and shows us how to catch fish. I also tried to fish but if the fish took the bait, it is difficult for me to pull her out of the water and she often falls off the hook. Also sometimes instead of a hike in the woods we go for a walk around the city. I especially love going to the amusement Park there and ride on electric toy cars with my brother.After my brother and dashed off in the cars, parents buy us cotton candy and we go to ride the Ferris wheel. I am very afraid of heights, but I like to look at the city from a great height.

In the evening we come home and dinner. Sometimes in the evening we go to a pizzeria and eat the pizza. I love the pizza Margarita and my brother's pizza Napoleon with pineapple. After dinner, my mom washes the dishes, dad drinks green tea, and my brother and I go to play checkers, chess, dominoes or Board games. I love to play the Board game "Monopoly", because I often have luck with the dice. My brother does not like to lose to me in Monopoly. But in checkers and chess I very often plays with brother, but I'm just learning. I also love to play with his brother in a computer game.While we're playing mum and dad are going to watch TV, as on Saturday a lot of interesting and exciting shows and movies. After an active Saturday rest we go to bed and quickly fall asleep thinking that we will face another beautiful day.

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