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School composition

Rest at the camp with the guys from our class
Before the end of the school year our class was offered at the beginning of the vacation to go to the camp. The idea we immediately relished, because many of us wanted to relax after a busy school year. And in a week we will go to rest, and yet pass the final exams.

The week passed very fast as we customized the time to that day when we go away from the city. And tomorrow we meet with all the guys and our class teacher to go to the camp. In advance after collecting all the necessary things in the bag I went to our school. I live not far from it, a five minute walk. Near the school was a small minibus, which was sitting my friends. Putting his bag I, too, took his place. In the middle was an atmosphere of fun. Each of us was looking forward to a great stay.In a few minutes all the boys came and the bus pulled away.

After 40 minutes we arrived and all went to their houses. As for me, I chose the most beautiful house in which I live with a friend. Quickly putting my stuff we went to the beach. He was not far from the camp site. Our houses are situated around the tall pines and the ground was littered with needles. In a few minutes we were on the lake. What first caught my eyes was that there was a large volleyball court and inflatable high hill near the pond. On the beach there were a lot of people, especially young couples with small children.These little kids, something built out of the sand and sculpted cakes with their parents. From everywhere came the sound of children's laughter and the cries of the boys who ran with the ball on the court. The first thing we ran into the water, of course after hearing in advance the rules of conduct on the water from his head. The water was very warm, and feels like the sun's rays warmed her to the bottom. With the guys we swam, jumped, dived. In General, the mood was great. Nakupavshis enough, we went ashore and began to play volleyball. Joined the guys, and they didn't mind. To the houses we came back as it got dark outside.Went for dinner in the dining room and went to the disco, which was about fifteen minutes from here. Our girls were the best, like the stars illuminating the night sky. At the disco we met the guys with whom I communicate and after we went to the city. So began the first day of our vacation. And tomorrow we waited for a new day with new emotions.

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