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School composition

Reflections of a dog
Hello, my name is Fu. Rather, I think that was my name, because every time when I see it, all begin to shout Fu! I live on the street, and I don't have a home. Once upon a time, I was born in the same family. I had loved mother. Everything seemed so colorful and good. Mommy I licked, warmed, toying with me. But once our idyll was destroyed by the people with whom we lived. He decided that my mom doesn't need him anymore. The next morning he loaded us into the car and drove away in the fields. Being without food and water, we almost died.My mother tried to hunt, to feed me. I wasstill very young and could not help her. Water we could drink only after rain. Therefore, all the while tormented by a terrible thirst.

After a while we found our way to the people. My legs were not yet able to carry me and my mom had to carry me in the teeth and she was very tired, but for the sake of my salvation she did not spare its forces. Then, some time, we lived in a landfill. Winter came and was very cold. Food became less. What I found, mom, almost all gave me. She soon became very ill and died. Now I do not anyone to heat in the winter cold nights. My feet are terribly cold and it was hard to find salvation from the wind. One day someone threw an old coat.Thanks to her, I was able to survive in this cold winter. Without my mother was very sad. I remembered those happy times when we lived in humans. I don't understand why they are so cruel to us that condemned us to death.

Eventually I grew up and made friends with other dogs. A lot of homeless dogs talk about how they were cast adrift by their masters. Sometimes I watched as down the street walking happy dogs with their owners. One of them looks down on us, and someone with understanding. At such moments, I begin to see themselves and can't understand what have I done. If I were to buy fleas to hang out, have a good feed I will be no worse. Why is love them and not me? What did I do to deserve this? From time to time there are more and more new homeless people.I decided to move the trash a little more. There is more food you can do better, and people are friendlier. However, his coat I also took away, because soon the winter will also need to bask.

Tell you my story with the hope that some of you will understand that it is impossible to throw animals on the street, they are suffering from this. Think about your actions.

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