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School composition

Picnic with the class
The street has become warmer. Outside the window the sun shines bright, illuminating everything around it. On the calendar the first of may, and that means that all the start of the weekend. So how is the weather is wonderful, we my class decided to get out into nature. Run on green grass, to play, and of course barbecue. This idea we immediately relished, because we were so tired from the winter frost. Place to stay, we have identified immediately. Near our city there is a small pine forest and on the banks of the lake. In the summer we often go there for the weekend.As for me a great place to swim and laze on the beach under the warm rays of the sun. Tomorrow morning we meet with all the guys around the school. And today we have half a day to buy food for tomorrow's picnic and pack. I plan to take the ball tomorrow to drive with the boys in football.

Waiting impatiently for the morning, I went to the school yard. There we waited for our homeroom teacher. A lot of guys were already on the spot, on his shoulders hung a backpack, and was in the hands of different games. Looking at all this, I realized that we have a great stay.

As the scene of our picnic is located on the outskirts of the city, we decided to drive the bus. And in fifteen minutes was on the spot. Located near the lake. There was a gazebo where you can sit and equipped place for cooking barbecue. Around I could hear voices and soft music. Many families chose this place for your vacation. But we are absolutely not disturbed, but on the contrary, it was nice that in the forest we are not alone.

On a picnic we went with my parents and homeroom teacher. My father began to prepare the meat for roasting, and all the others went to the forest to collect firewood. In just a few minutes about the barbecue grill and formed an impressive pile of firewood. Parents were engaged in cooking food, and we decided to play outdoor games. Many boys decided to play football, and girls chose volleyball and other games. For our entertainment time flew not noticeable. So we haven't had a rest, especially with all the class and many parents. After running behind the ball, many of us are hungry.How can you not be hungry, if could be heard everywhere, the smell of roast meat. Resorting to the gazebo we sat at the table. A lot of fresh vegetables and skewers came to us to taste.

In the street has darkened considerably. Well rested, we decided to return home, promising myself that I definitely will return here again.

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