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School composition

Physical education is my favourite subject
My favorite subject is physical education. And not only because don't ask homework and not ask for lessons. It is possible to run in the hall, to jump, to climb on the ropes. And he's a great, recently made repairs, brought new bars, mats. With boys you can fight, play sports games.

I always, this lesson is very forward and fulfill all the requirements of our coach. The love of the sport instilled in me my mother, she in the past an athlete. Remember going to a race and always brought medals prizes. What's not to love sports. Since childhood I was put in the sports section. Always wanted to go to Greco-Roman wrestling. It is this kind of martial arts, when using certain techniques and actions you need to take the opponent off balance and push his shoulder blades to the Mat. As for me a great sport. And my dream came true.At the beginning of course it was difficult to master all the techniques, but now for me there is nothing easier. Sports I live. Waiting for the end of all lessons run home to get my bag and go to practice. Our friendlies are a lot of fun, because with the guys I have long ago met and became friends. Coach of course is very strict, he is not particularly a joke. But it is also right, with the rigor he teaches us new techniques. In the room I rest. Feel like warming up my muscles, blood starts to race through the vessels faster. In our hall, to my surprise, engage and girls. Always thought it was sport for boys.But for them it is an opportunity to learn how to give yourself the change. It is the right decision, living in our time.

Doing physical activities I spend my time. Sport as a hobby which I want to carry with you through life. It helps to strengthen our bodies, helps to develop physical abilities. If not sports, then it can badly affect human health. Easily deteriorating eyesight, a bad posture in students. Gym class is a great opportunity to improve your body. When it's warm and no rain, lessons are held on the street. Great opportunity to run on the football field, race with the boys the ball.

Every morning I do exercises at home. I have a special wall in the room where you can climb up, hang on the rings and tighten. My parents support the sport. Always advise and help you to learn new exercises. I really want to grow healthy, beautiful and strong person like my mom and dad. People who were dedicated to the sport of a lifetime. Because the sport is our health and strength.

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