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School composition

Our beloved dog
We have a dog, called Bugs. It's a small, fluffy mutt. We gave it this name because of the black fur. Bug affectionate and beautiful dog. On her little face stand out clever and attentive eyes. Sometimes it seems that the dog understands me and feels my mood. She often jumps up and puts her little paws on my knees and I know that so the Bug needs affection. I smile at her and begin to stroke the shiny, smooth dog's fur. At this moment go of anxiety and distress, comes a good mood.

I found her puppy in the alley, in a rainy autumn day. She finely shook and whined plaintively. I felt sorry for the little dog. At home, she quickly warmed up and began to explore their future housing, and then made a little puddle. When came home from work mom and dad, I immediately realized that would leave her to live with us. Parents were subdued clumsy, but smart puppy. It quickly grew to become a well-groomed dog.

Although a Bug and not a purebred dog, but has its own character. It is clean and constantly groom himself, and therefore has a well-groomed appearance and always cheerful. Only once her mood was spoiled when my mom got sick. Bug no longer jumped and for a long time lay motionless, with his head resting on his front paws. In her intelligent eyes took on a sadness and even a tear. My dad fed my pet as always, but the dog is sensitively caught in our bad mood and no longer jumped and played with us. Mom was sick for a week and recovered. How happy the Bug to its appearance! She jumped like crazy around us and tries to lick everyone's hands. Even mom laughed from her behavior. After this incident, we still more in love with our dog.

Beetles have their place in the apartment. Mom made her a little tutacak and dad brought a beautiful bowl for food. We walk Bug at a time, but often I walk with her. This time flies by like a flash, so I'm happy with our dog. Often in the yard with other children and adults want to fix the Bug than lint, but it doesn't take food from strangers hands, and is waiting for approval of their owners. A favorite game of our pet was a small ball. She is so happy with him playing that on the face present be sure to get a smile.

I wanted to have only Shepard, smart, strong, and coached. But now I don't have other dogs, even the thoroughbred. Our Bug is the best.

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