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School composition

One day of vacation
Finally came the long-awaited vacation. Even though they are only the autumn and only one week, but it also pleases. During the week you can catch a lot. And travel, and to work up, and play.

So today began with the long lying in bed. I love to Wake up in the morning and read some in bed favorite stories. I love these moments when we should not hurry, and you can just enjoy the time.

A nice Breakfast with my parents and we are already in the car going to walk through the streets of the city. Today's a rest day, we planned in advance, and now we just execute our plan.

First we went to the cinema for an interesting movie. Took popcorn, drinks and enjoyed the view. The film was a family and a lot of fun with exciting events. We had so much fun looking at it.

Then, near the movie theater nearby was the exhibition of cats, we looked there. Oh, what beautiful cats were there! We reviewed Persian cats, Siamese and even saw the Sphinx, which surprised us with its appearance. Sold there, and kittens. I begged to buy one, but unfortunately, the parents did not agree, and put a condition if I study well, they will give me a kitten for his birthday.

Then we decided that we just need to have lunch. We went to our favorite pizzeria. There bake delicious pizzas with different toppings. The dinner turned out very tasty.

Further down the list of our plan was a trip to the bookstore. This is a special ritual in our family. We all love to read, and with every outing to the big city everyone is buying their favourite books. This is a special procedure. I love large bookstores, where no one bothers to choose a favorite book. I bought a bit of everything: adventure stories, two encyclopedias and a little comic. Now holidays I will spend in a favorite book.

Then we went to the nursery games. There was all the rides I rode and played. There was an interesting logic game and maze for older children. Fascinating left the game. Here I met the other guys. We were interested together.

Today, our family gave the good moments spent together. They are always priceless because family trips are not very often. We have talked a lot, joked and had fun, took photos for memory. I love my parents who always give me a memorable holidays.

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