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School composition

New Year
Everyone in our class is waiting for the moment when will start the winter vacation and you can immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holidays. The new year will soon begin and it greatly pleases me. And the most important thing is that we meet him with his class in the capital of our country. Here's a Christmas gift waiting for us. And in a week we will start a great trip to Moscow.

This week we were waiting for the day when we get on the train and go to a real Christmas tale. Waiting for the twenty-eighth of December I with my parents went to the train station. It was there that we agreed on a meeting with all the guys from our class and the class teacher, who travels with us as chaperone. Our train pulls in a few minutes. Saying goodbye with my parents we went to the car and sat in its place. After a few minutes I watched it all on our train leaves from the station, on which were our parents.The train went into the night, so tomorrow morning we will be in Moscow.

After spending the night night on the train the morning we were on the spot. Finally our dream has come true. We will meet for the first time in the new year in the capital of our country. As our trip for a few days we went to the hotel where we will live the next few days. On arrival at the hotel we settled in their rooms and after a few hours, went for a walk through the streets of the capital. Our homeroom teacher used to live in Moscow, so it emits a very large amount of interesting information about his beloved city. First we went to the Central square to watch the beauty of the Christmas celebration.The street was very cold, so we went down to the subway. For me it was the first visit of such a plan. After all, we are from a small city and the metro we have. Going down to the ground I saw a normal life, many people continued their lives in a crazy rhythm. To Okhotny we drove 4 stations, but at the time it is very fast. Leaving the square we finally saw the decorated Christmas tree, which screamed new year holidays. Many of us did a photo for memory with this beautiful forest.

After a walk through the streets of Moscow, we returned to my hotel. After all, tomorrow is the New 2017 and before meeting we have a good rest. Woke up this morning with only one thought that today will come the new year. Just a little saddened that a number of us have no next of kin. But I think parents will be happy for me. At 12 am we celebrated the new year and went outside to watch the colourful fireworks. This new year will forever remain in our memory. And tomorrow we will return home.

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