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School composition

Nautical vacation
When the street has become warmer and finally summer came, our family began to think about the trip to the sea. All very tired and wanted as soon as possible to find himself on the coast. At first we considered going to Turkey, but since I am very difficult to tolerate the flight, the idea of it anymore. After discussing the pros and cons, my family decided again to go to the black sea coast. Because every year during my holidays and parental leave, we go to the sea, changing each time the place of our rest.Here's the last time we had a rest in Sevastopol, the city of the naval forces, and now we're going to Yalta, as it is often called, the pearl of the black sea coast.

Our trip is planned for next week. The parents are at work close all of its important business, and I quietly began to gather their things. Like any girl, I like to look my best, so for the most part my wardrobe consists of cute sundresses, beautiful shoes and of course the bright swimwear. I'm already looking forward to its first release on the Yalta embankment, I'd like to just take a walk watching the beauty of the Black sea. Because the sea is so unpredictable, one minute the weather can change, and it will rage with incredible force.And what could be better than watching the weather change. The sea is beautiful in the storm and in calm, when bathing a lot of people, who then bask on the beach.

Finally our trip arrived. Today we go to meet to the stunning sea vacation. The road we had a long, but it's really nothing compared to those feelings that we get from a holiday on the black sea coast. By evening we were in place. We settled in a cozy room overlooking the sea. Very difficult for me to convey to you my delight, seen from the landscape. After a short rest and snack after a tiring journey, we went for a walk. Bright sun had already set beyond the horizon and in the evening it felt nice and cool from the sea breeze.Arriving at the quay I was shocked by the number of tourists. From everywhere came the sound of children's laughter and soft music, which helped to relax and forget for the holidays on urban problems. A large variety of different cafes and restaurants invited guests to eat their meals. Choosing for himself the coziest cafe, we immediately went inside. There ordered a delicious dinner in the company of the friendly waiters began their first day of vacation.

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