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School composition

My teacher
Very soon, I will move to fifth grade. For now, enjoy the last summer month, trying to spend more time outdoors. To be honest, a little shy at first of September. After all, our class will become familiar with a new teacher who will be our leader for the next few years. In mind flashed different thoughts about this. Suddenly, it will be an evil woman who does not like children or something that will turn our study into a living hell. Experiencing such excitement, I waited for the day.Oddly enough my mood was elated, taking the I knew that now will meet with their classmates who had not seen for several months.

On the school line, dedicated in honor of the beginning of the school year, was a festive concert. A lot of guys from our school prepared songs, dances, poems. All this gave a little hope that now we are out of our teacher that we love from the first minute. Literally in a few minutes, came out to us a portly woman in a beautiful, blue dress. My first impression of her, was not in a good way. Dark guys with far-fetched thoughts went to class. But what was our surprise, when she introduced herself and began the story. Her eyes were filled with love and light.She easily managed to convey that children are the most valuable in her life. Each of us, after hearing her story, I realized that we were in good hands and have nothing more to fear. That is, since the start of our school year.

Irina is a remarkable woman who over the years of its work the school has only managed to earn a positive reputation. For us it is an example of how should behave in that particular situation. Her advice is always correct, after which it is allowed the most serious problems. Now, get to know her better, I felt a little ashamed for his thoughts. I thought that this woman will not be our real teacher and friend. How wrong I was.Daily Irina Ivanovna opens your soul and investing in our education all the things that he considers fundamental to the development of each child. You know, I noticed that she is never in a bad mood! It would seem, is a living person, who also happen the troubles of life. But he came to school, she forgets about all problems and gives children a sincere, positive emotions.

Our teacher is the best in the world. So say all the guys from our class. We are grateful that we have had the honor to learn from such a bright person.

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