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School composition

My school
Now the school has become my second home and holds a very important place in my life. For school I make a schedule, plan their studies. There I meet friends and classmates, and the lessons I learn many interesting things.

I'm in the old school, she has more than 30 years, it even learned my parents! This four-story spacious building in the form of the letter "N". All classes are arranged according to seniority – the lower floors are occupied by the school and those who are older - learn from the past. We have a nice classroom, they have a lot of space and light, with new Windows and modern desks. On the walls beautiful Wallpapers with different patterns and images of nature, there's a lot of posters with educational materials and portraits of great scientists.

To the entrance of the building is a wide porch, with a special ribbed steps, so that no one was falling in inclement weather. High wrought-iron railings give the Majesty of this area, and she often has meetings, during the solemn celebrations of the opening of the school year or graduation. Then hang the garlands of flowers and flags, and the Director and teachers say a welcome speech.

First floor we are greeted by a huge hall, where hang all schedules of classes, lots of announcements and wall Newspapers. The overall picture animates high lush greenery in fishnet pots – there are all sorts of flowers, cactus, and even palm trees. We take turns caring for plants, helping teachers and other school employees. This little garden do not touch even the most restless urchins, afraid to disturb the fragile beauty.

To the right of the hall is a large gymnasium, and the left –workshop for classroom work. At recess we often run into the gym to warm up and play ball, and the most relaxed –I like to consider DIY in the class. You can also go to the stadium, where a lot of different pull-up bars always a different game afoot.

Even the school has a modern computer class where there are computers, video projectors and other equipment. Next year our class will be familiar with this subject. And while I go to the library and sometimes sit for a long time in the reading room, hoping someday to read all the interesting books.

In the afternoon all headed to the dining room where the dishes are delicious, especially popular flavoured pies and cakes. Good chefs put in advance of full plates, and wait for the queue a long time.

At the end of the school day, many do not immediately scatter to their homes, and communicate with friends, discussing new impressions. Someone waiting parents in the Parking lot before school, others go to take vending the books in the library that they are at home.

In General, I like to study here and I want to say thanks to everyone who helps to create such a creative atmosphere!

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