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School composition

My rural grandma
My grandmother is the best woman in the world. Her name is Aleksandra Semenovna and her 70 years. From our town she lives not so far away, literally to her village to travel a couple hours by car. At the first opportunity that we get we go with my parents to visit her, because she was left alone, and to sit idle is of course not used. Big garden and lots of different animals takes away from it most of the time and requires serious force to contain. She gets up very early, as she likes to say with the singing of the first cocks. The day begins with milking cows and a Cup of fresh milk.Sometimes it seems to me that the day she absolutely does not eat anything and only drank milk, which provides her with a lot of energy for the whole day. It is very difficult to imagine how she's handling all this. After all, you need to redo a lot of things - clean the house, constantly tearing up the grass and pour the wheat to chickens and ducks, to drive the geese to the river, to graze a cow and of course working in the garden. Collectively it's all a hell of a job, which she handles with unusual ease. Do not say, and the people of that time, much stronger than today's youth.

For me, the village, home from home. Every summer, me and my younger sister stayed on all summer holidays. For some, it may seem wild and not acceptable. Because in the village the entertainment was very little, but at the same time, it was the most memorable vacation for us. We always found something to do. First, of course, help to cope with household chores. I remember how the morning had Breakfast of fried toast, drinking it still warm milk and went to tear the grass.For us, this work was not a burden, but is on the contrary brought a lot of fun, because we knew that our work will be fed the birds and ducks. Then, hiding the sun, we helped in the garden, tore unwanted weeds, and picked fruit. I really liked in August to collect the potatoes. My sister and I often had competitions to see who first scores a bucket full. Someone managed to get this job done first, waited for a delicious prize. Usually it was the most delicious dumplings with cherries, which already in the morning Nalepa grandmother.

After the help of his family we went swimming in the river. There was about the whole kids, which is how we came to spend the summer with his family. I will never forget the bungee, which dived into the water. Believe me, these emotions are very hard to forget, because it is one of the favorite pastimes of the village children.

For me, a trip to grandma's house, is always associated with the lightest feelings. Now we have to wait for the summer holidays and again plunge into the atmosphere.

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