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School composition

My pet (cat)
We didn't have Pets, even goldfish. I really wanted a puppy, but my mom was against it, saying: will chew everything, with him you have to get up very early and walk everywhere wool and in General we do not need it.

But one day her aunt brought to Light with the works of the kitten, with a funny little hanging ears. She said that the ears are because he's an Englishman, this breed was. I poured him some milk in a saucer, he didn't eat, had to poke his muzzle into the milk, then he realized it was food and began to lap. Light aunt said he need to buy special food for young kittens, then it will grow healthy and beautiful cat. Together we persuaded my mother to leave him, provided that care for and clean up after him, I will. We called it Baksika like American money, because he has very green eyes.Aunt Light said the bucks also green. He is light grey with a white chest and white socks.

And so he came to live with us, we're very good friends, he always sleeps with me, I play with him, feed and sometimes have to clean up after it. But I'm giving it to the pan with sand and have already obtained. When he grows up I'll teach him to go to the toilet on the street, and now he could get lost because it's small, it's just one month. He is very afraid of the vacuum cleaner when my mom removed it is very difficult to find, always hiding somewhere. Recently, we bought the first time, he scratched and tried to escape, barely coped alone with his mom. Yesterday he was pretty shaken up, he played, jumped, and tore the curtain.The curtain fell when he hooked a pot of my mom's flower. The pot fell and broke. His mother scolded and poked his nose in the broken pot, Baksika rested and hissed at her mother's hand. To me it was a great pity, because it is still small and does not understand where and how you can play. I then gave him a piece of sausage slowly from his mom, so he is not much grieved for the mother's beating.

I am very glad that when I come from school now I am not alone and with a friend with which to play around, we have fun together. Here's my pet name Baksika.

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