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School composition

My neighbors
Essay for 5 - 7 class on the theme of "My neighbours"

Many of us live in large homes. I live in the same. The main and important thing about living in apartment buildings are neighbors.

Next to me, behind the wall lives a family whose parents seem to be always scolding the children. I don't know them well, because they always go grim. Not a day goes by that parents aren't yelling at their children, and children from their screaming.

On the other side of my apartment, lives a very quiet and polite family. Igor Viktorovich - the quiet man, who seem to manages her family very well. Even despite the fact that he's got four kids, I never heard him raise his voice at them. They are very wonderful family.

Below us lives a family, a radio which is not silent for a minute, except for the evening, which can not but rejoice. Must be their neighbors behind the wall, already accustomed to such a noise schedule. I am not against music, but I think that listening to it all day - it's crazy but even more crazy is not to respect the peace and personal time of the people who live nearby.

Above us, is one family who seem at war with each other. A lot of times, we crossed paths on the stairs and on the street, and never, none of them even head nodded in response to the greeting. They are not blind or deaf. For them nothing just pass by, no one noticing. I would not say that they are unfriendly. I guess they are just not interested in socializing with your neighbors.

On the opposite side of the landing live Alexey Mironov and his family. Mironov - a collector of birds. Every day dozens or more birds sing melodious tunes. It is certainly much nicer than the radio. However, a large concentration of birds can emit a terrible stench.

These little stories about the neighbors living next to me. There are other strange and good people I don't know. There are friendly inhabitants who are pleasant to greet and respond to you in return. There is not very much. But, what to do, I have to live among them, as each and everyone of You! Thank you for your attention!

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