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School composition

My neighbor the beekeeper Fedor
It was early summer morning, I woke up early to see what's happening outside the window. To the house of our neighbor drove the car, I wondered who it could be, but then I remembered that the house is sold and it's probably the buyer arrived. I went outside and went to find out whether this is so. Suddenly from the house comes uncle Jack and goes to his pickup truck. I caught up with him and asked what's going on here? He replied that it was my new roommate Fedor that he's a good man, they have long been familiar, he is engaged in the apiary. I really like honey and I was glad that near my house now will be the apiary.Uncle Jack sat in the truck and left.

I went to the uncle Fedor to know how his bees. He said a lot and went into the house to move things. I also ran home for a bite to eat but then lay down and fell asleep. The next day I again woke up with the morning from the noise of the truck and the bullet rushed out to see what's there brought, and it brought the hives to uncle Fyodor, their was almost a whole truck, and how many bees flew around him, he was like a big beehive. Got out of the car a couple of people and they began to unload the hives and carry them to the place where the apiary. Cindy immediately put on the beekeeper suit and went to the hives.Noticing my interest he gave me a suit and together we went to look at bees. When we opened the first hive I just froze from the sight of honey. It was so much, just the eyeballs, and the next as well, and in the third, and in all the hives. When we finished watching it was already evening. Uncle Fedor asked me to come tomorrow, will the honey swing.

The next day I woke up and immediately ran to the apiary. I were already there waiting for uncle Fyodor, he took out one of the hive frames with honey, and went into the house with them. I immediately ran there. Uncle Theodore put them in a round barrel and twisted them, and the honey flows down the walls of this barrel in a jar. In a bowl, cut off the tops of SOT, I knew that they were delicious and asked to take a try. They were so sweet and delicious that I even noticed he ate the whole plate. At the end of uncle Fyodor cast me a jar of honey as a gift. I was delighted and ran home. Mother was surprised where I got the honey?She just didn't know what our new neighbor is a beekeeper. I explained it to her and on the same day, Cindy invited me and my mom and dad to visit for tea with honey.

In the evening our family went to a tea party. While they were there talking, I went out to the backyard, where there was an apiary and sat down to watch the stars. It was heard as a buzzing bee hives, so the street was quiet. I was surprised how quickly the time passed and my parents were going home. I stood, stretched, and went home with them.

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