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School composition

My mom is the best in the world
Each person has his loved one. Often it's mom. The most favorite and native. Everyone thinks that his mom is the best in the world, the most beautiful, intelligent and kind. Will never forget the warmth of her hands. Her hands radiated warmth and light when I swaddled and rocked in infancy.

My mom's name is Daria Sergeevna. She's 38 years old. She did not look his age. She has short hair and beautiful blue eyes. They can just disappear and never possible for them to lie. Anyway will see when I want to play up. Mom is a wonderful hostess, loves to cook. One of the crown of her dishes, it is a duck baked in the oven. Very tasty, just yum. Usually prepares her for the holidays, and on new year's table there are new options. Never afraid to experiment, always trying something new. Many recipes are taken from cuisines of other countries.For now, there is no shortage of food in the supermarket is everything.

And mom loves to relax in nature. Every weekend, after all the hard work we try to go into the forest. A place where no urban bustle, you can escape from your problems. There she relaxes, regaining her strength for the upcoming week. 

And she works in a big firm as a chief accountant. This is a very demanding job. Through her hands pass so many documents. The slightest mistake can involve very strong consequences. But I have it good. Over the years, never made a mistake, so its all valued and respected.

Spare time, she tries to relax, loves to play sports. She especially likes to go with me to ski or skate in winter. She's not watching TV and not stay too long in the Internet says it's a waste of time. Better to spend time with my family, go for a walk outside or go to a cafe.

I share with my mom deepest secrets, she's more like a friend. Always share advice will direct my thoughts in the right direction. A very clever and wise woman. Wish my mom was never upset and didn't cause any problems. And I try not to disappoint. On time doing homework, study well and always try to help at home. To vacuum, it is generally my favorite thing to do in cleaning. Mom always pleased with me. 

I really want to wish your mom infinite health. Let the smile never left her face. She gave me life and raised and I am very grateful for that.

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