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School composition

My mom
An essay on the topic "My mother", 5th class

Teacher of Russian language gave the job, on vacation, to write the composition "My mother". The break lasted a week, but I decided to do the job quickly, then more time had to stay. Sat down and began to write.

I am a happy man because he was born on the beautiful planet Earth, among the hardest-working people in a close-knit family, where there is comfort, love, prosperity and peace.

Our financial well-being is the merit of the father, but all the rest it's my mom's. My mother is intelligent, modern, beautiful and educated woman. I always wonder how everything in it is harmoniously combined: a tall, slender figure and strong will power, pure, gentle eyes and pure thoughts. She had lovely, wheat-colored hair and a love for his native land, and it is with respect to people of working professions.

My mom's specialty agronomist, but she works as a Professor of agronomy in College. I know that honesty and sincere heart she is respected and loved both students and colleagues.

Love, appreciate and respect her and I, my younger sister and dad. Me in my mother delights, surprises and like how she is kind, gentle and honest. This she always teaches us. Mom makes it in order that we children knew how to live properly and honestly in the world.

My gentle tender mother gives to us, his children all of the color of his soul. And I appreciate every minute spent together with her, be strives to protect her from danger, evil and sorrows of life. I'll do it because you can find yourself a true friend who is close to me in spirit, but someone like my mom more around the world to find.

Mom is the first word that says the child lying in the cradle. She is the most kindhearted, merciful and responsive woman. Mother gives us love not for something, but loves it just the contrary. Only a mother can give the child inner peace, from early childhood, will teach you how to understand good and evil.

Here I am with all your difficulties, problems and worries I go to her, to mommy. I love my mom and appreciate her invaluable care.

For this work I received the highest rating and a notebook with my work long flaunted on the honor roll in our class.

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