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School composition

My mom
There is no one dearer on earth except my mother. It is the best thing in my life. Life without her would be very bad. She's like a ray of sunshine, like a beautiful good fairy. Her love for me is evident in every touch, every word and gesture. She will always give you the right advice and prompt exit from a difficult situation.

My mom is very beautiful. She has long blond hair, which beautiful cascades fall on the shoulders. She loves to braid a braid of them, which makes you feel even more beautiful. Her eyes are brown and very dark. When you look at them, think that they can see into your soul. Smile my mom is very gentle and friendly. To her respected colleagues, and bosses put in an example to many.

Works as a dance instructor at kids. This work will never let her get bored. She is always surrounded with worries about the little talents which you always need to prepare for the competition. Mom loves her job and students, all devoting to them. She is very beautiful dances ballroom dancing. All the movements are graceful and easy. She's like a feather flying on the parquet. Has many diplomas and medals, which speaks of its merits.

Though my mommy always have to keep yourself in shape, this does not prevent her excellent cooking. What delicious cakes she bakes! And pastries can be compared with products of the best chefs in expensive restaurants. When she cooks, it smells the whole house, even our cat is sitting next to her in the kitchen, waiting for treats.

And my mom likes order in everything. She is a good hostess. Always scolds us for litter or discarded clothes. We try to do everything right, but often forget about her requests. Everyone has their chores and mom gets angry when we take time off from work.

Only with her, the closest and native, I can talk to about their secrets, to tell about fights with the boys. She's my secret admirer. When I play soccer, mom drops everything and goes to the stadium to cheer for me. She knows all about my lesson and even look to me matches. Can help you choose the football kits and even the ball. Dad says it's not a woman's occupation, but she is trying to support my hobby.

Sometimes we quarrel, but have found a compromise, and there is reconciliation. She always takes the right decisions, not afraid of difficult situations and is always on my side. She is strict but fair. I love her because she is in my life that loves me not for something, but because I was born the way I am.

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