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School composition

My journey
I want to tell you about the most interesting camping. Our family finally got out camping. But it was not easy, and a trip – rafting on the river in canoes. We went to the river by bus, specially commissioned for our group. 

Nature was simply stunning. Beautiful, huge trees and mountains surrounding the river. The view was very beautiful. The sun was shining very brightly and was reflected in the river. The river went down the hill. We got kayaks and started to float them on the water.

How it is interesting and difficult at the same time. If his hands had gloves, the hands would have suffered from stress. The air temperature was high, but this did not prevent us to enjoy the process.

Our tour guide gave an interesting competition between all the participants. It was very fun. In one shallow, the men had to carry our kayaks, as it was impossible to swim. Then again, we continued sailing to the camp.

Our group arrived at the appointed place, and we started setting up tents. It was very interesting to derange, because I never slept in the woods. We got the sleeping bags, spread products. It was nearing evening. Kindled a fire. Our dinner was out of this porridge on the fire, sandwiches and hot tea. It's so delicious dinner around the campfire. 

Then it got dark even more. Flew a lot of mosquitoes, which are very catchy. Near the campfire, sang songs and told interesting stories. Not sleepy at all. The night was amazing.

The way back took the same road. This time we took many pictures to have memories of our journey. And again the beautiful views and quiet river. In such moments it is good to think about how spending time with loved ones. All these moments spent together and with nature, are striking in their clarity and understanding of how beautiful life moments.

Our group became friends after the first trip and for some time we go together. It is very pleasing that our team is such a sociable and fun. The other boys tell about their journeys to school, and all listen in wonder. I brought all the photographs and even some selected for middle school competition travelers.

I want all the people of the world understand how to relax with your family. No matter where, most importantly, how memorable will be the guests. Such moments are worth living more and not to complain about my boring life.

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