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School composition

My house
In the world there is one place in which peace and love and I call it home.

In the winter I love to sit by the fire, wrapped in a blanket listening to the crackling fire, sipping a Cup of hot cocoa. And on weekends my mother always prepares delicious cakes.

We have a large yard in which everything is painfully familiar, in the yard summer blooming beautiful roses, and even from the heat you can hide under a huge grape leaves, and even to eat ripe and juicy fruits of the vine.

Our house has two guards, we're very good friends, one name is BIM, but another Boy, they are smart and loving dogs. But if comes into the yard a stranger, they fulfill their purpose, and anyone without the permission of the owners did not miss.

To me a home is often come friends, together we play Board games and drink tea with sweets, sometimes get together and help each other doing homework. I love to spend time with friends at home.

I have my own personal room, it is large and bright. My parents are forcing me to watch it in order, but I like it, it makes me feel adult and responsible for your things. In my room the Wallpaper with horses and a lot of toys, but still it has a large shelf with my favorite books. And when I have to go somewhere from home, I miss my room, because it stores all my favorite things.

My mother really love flowers, so at home we grow a lot of houseplants, they give oxygen, and they are very beautiful, especially in winter, when outside all was white, and we have a little slice of summer. I care for their plants.

My home is a place where I'm nice and relaxed, where I am always loved and expected, where you can be yourself, and do what I like. This is the area on Earth where you feel safe and protected.

I consider myself happy because I have a place where you want to return, and I think that every person that has a place too happy. I want all the people on earth had a house, and to those who have not yet, in the near future have experienced. And then the world will become happier and kinder.

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