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School composition

My Hobbies
I'm in the fifth grade. And I have a lot of Hobbies. It all started back in kindergarten. I was always attracted by the interesting activities.

The first and my main occupation is dancing. The dance Studio gave me in four years. The rumor I have all movements work accurately. I love how we all together perform a dance. The synchronicity of the movement is fascinating.

Our Studio takes up a lot of prizes in various competitions, and the dancers after the victory is always a desire to win even more. Our wonderful choreographer teacher. She is slim and beautiful, always friendly and cheerful. We love her very much.

I have added a passion for singing. I went to rehearsal, taught how to breathe correctly while performing the song, even started to perform solo. But, I did not last long. This activity is not to my liking. I really bored on all these individual rehearsals. So I soon gave it up.

In parallel with dance, I began to visit the football section. I like that for real! A healthy spirit of competition, active exercise, running, team play is what I need. Parents bought me a special sports Shoe and clothing and I am very happy to wear them for a workout. Now we began to participate in the football competition between schools. Became more interesting, now have to compete with foreign players, but it is much more difficult. Football game is very difficult, as many think, but the rules are clear.Every time I get out on the playing field, I feel full of energy and determination.

Our coach is very demanding and bold. He wants us to grow up as real men. He always supports us during the games, comforting after a loss, but sometimes scolds after stupid mistakes. He is a wonderful man. All advice we go to him. I want to be like his coach.

Just recently, my Hobbies have added playing the guitar. I found a music Director and began to attend private lessons. This is so cool! My parents gave me a real guitar, and now I'm all the time learning chords. To play a musical instrument difficult. Here we need the smoothness of motion of the hand, the force for pressing the strings and hearing. I really like it. 

It is sometimes difficult to combine all the circles together, but I can't give any one. I like them all, and in each I reveal their best side.

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