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School composition

My grandfather
The best time for children, when the living of their grandparents. At this time, love for close people is expressed in kisses, compliments, good deeds. They have grandchildren to spoil, tell funny stories from the lives of parents and teach something new. I have two grandfathers. But today I want to talk about my father's father.

This is a very cheerful person, responsible and beautiful. He is originally from Armenia. He's got black hair, Armenian profile and accent. We are so funny when he talks. At least in our country he has lived for more than thirty years, but the emphasis remains.

Still young he came to stay with his army friend and to meet her grandmother. They loved it and fell in love at first sight. Grandfather went home and married my grandmother. Then there was my father. Grandfather taught him well, and instilled a respect for women, love of family, I believe that these qualities are very important for family life.

Throughout his life, my grandfather worked as a chauffeur. Even though it isn't some sort of modern profession, but he loves her, and works today. In the car is always clean, pleasant melody sounds, he is polite with the passengers. I think a good driver should have tact, easily find common language with fellow travelers, all these advantages can boast and grandpa. The only thing he did not teach his father. neither me Armenian, I guess, the grandfather is lazy.

I really like the time when we visited his relatives in Yerevan. Every time it's an interesting journey. We fly the aircraft, and the grandfather is afraid of flying. Funny every time – such an adult and such fear. In the cabin he immediately falls asleep and when he wakes up, the plane comes in to land at Yerevan airport. They have a very beautiful city, all lit at night and an interesting day.

In the city we spend quite a bit of time. Places to visit, walk the beautiful streets and squares, admire the fountains. In a few days we're going to relatives in the mountains. Here begins a real holiday. The beauty of this mountainous terrain is spectacular, a real clean air and beautiful green hills. The spirit grasps from such beauty of nature. We go to graze sheep, make a blank, play with the brothers.

It was great to visit another country with different rules and customs. For example, there are men sitting at a table separate from women. My dad, such a procedure is not like, because he was brought up wrong, that's why my mom always revenge with him, he was afraid to hurt her with his absence. But the tradition there unchanged.

And this holiday happens every summer. These good memories will stay with me for a long time.

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