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School composition

My favorite toy (Cheburashka)
Often we forget about their favorite toys and they alone miss tucked in the far box. It happened to me. His favorite toy I only remembered many years later and accidentally.

One day my mother and I reminisced about my early childhood and she told me that somewhere about year or two my favorite toy was a stuffed Cheburashka. When I saw it, you rejoiced and stretched out his hands, and to take it away and put in place was simply not possible. It was late in the evening so wanted Cheburashka was postponed to the next day. Sleep I could not for a long time and tried to remember his friend, but the memory didn't arise. Sleep was difficult and unpleasant - I saw some monsters, pulling toys on a penalty. Morning brought relief, and study just distracted me.Only at recess I thought about the abandoned Cheburashka and sad sigh. Girlfriend seeing my bad mood and tried to approach. So alone I spent most of the day.

I ran home when his mother rummaging in the attic. She had not forgotten his promise to track down my former friend. Together we pulled the box and shook out their contents in a big pile. Cheburashka was the last pulled out in the white light package. It looked unsightly. The fur could be seen not beautiful stains and fading. To wash it made no sense, since the plush would be immediately out. So we began to gently clean the toy with a brush and a dry cleaner. After two hours of tedious work I started to see the piece of cloth signs Cheburashka, and an hour later it completely and in full growth.

Cheburashka grey piece of wool turned into brown handsome. His eyes-buttons sparkled mischievously, and big ears is a huge mugs in the right place. Little tail with enthusiasm and sat up, seems to wag from side to side. Well, a real beauty! Mother also admired the restored toy and even showed his dad. He remembered that he had brought this toy from a business trip in a distant city. She immediately liked me.

My favorite Cheburashka took the original form and once again flaunts my child. I often hug him and talk, even share secrets. After all, he can't tell my secrets to others, and just smiles and raises all in a bad mood. Parents, too, when I see my pet start to joke and have fun. I'm glad Cheburashka so positively affected all of us and has become a favorite for everyone, especially for me.

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