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School composition

My favorite toy
Essay for class 5 on the theme "My favorite toy".

One day my parents brought my sister and me to the grandparents in the village to visit. It was a long-awaited trip, because I loved to visit them. Their house always smelled of something delicious, grandma knows how to cook this delicious soup! I'm crazy about him. Always look forward to what his grandmother cook. Grandpa I always rode "on the sheep" and liked to set examples in mathematics, which helped me to develop thinking.

 Нас оставили погостить на несколько дней. Мы гуляли на чистом воздухе, развлекались, собирая на огороде урожай прямо с грядок, кормили животных и няньчились с котиком. Было весело. Однажды мы добрались к коробке со старыми вещами, которую хранили в погребе, верней над ним. Там мы отыскали интереснейшие вещи из прошлого, ну по крайней мере нам так казалось. Среди старых необычных платьев обнаружилась одна мягкая и интересная игрушка. Мне она сразу же понравилась. Это была собачка с длинными ушами. Она была пошита так, что стояла не на четвереньках, а прямо, как кукла. Я назвала ее Аня, мне очень тогда нравилось это имя. Она была мягкой игрушкой и мне очень нравилось ее тискать. Аня осталась на долгое время моим лучшим другом и моей любимой игрушкой. Она была коричневого цвета с небольшим отливом красного.

Since that time I always went to bed with this toy to bed. Came up with a huge number of games where she was the main character. When mom taught me to sew dolls clothes, I began modeling for her interesting outfits. Anna accompanied me almost everywhere, wherever I was. I felt so alive and important in my life this toy. I felt more confident when she pressed her paws to yourself. They were so warm and soft, just magical. This friendship became a real lifeline for me. We could become real friends.I of course realize that in reality, Anya - just a toy. Heartless and a man-made thing. But sometimes you want to believe in fairy tales, in something unusual and magical. They learn to perceive the world, playing with it using toys, different fictional situations, try to try to solve problems as parents. Therefore, it is important to have something inspired by them, so they were able to ask them thoughts, the rhythm of the conversation, to design a solution to situations that concern them. This simulator adulthood was for me and Anya.

So unexpectedly thrown among the old things I found in childhood, your good and devoted friend.

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