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School composition

My favorite fairy tale
As rich and varied literary world. How much of it is beautiful. Prose and poetry, novels and poems, novels and poems, epics and novels, biographies and science fiction, amazing writers and poets. How many unusual shades and colors in the writing of a work of art! But from all this diversity, I love stories. I am willing to read and reread them constantly. I love to read all sorts of tales: folk, magical, and modern tales, and tales of different peoples, as each of them concluded special, wise meaning.If you read the story, you can always draw from it this useful lesson after the reading. No wonder a proverb says that "a fairy Tale lie, so it hint, good fellows a lesson!" Fairy tales usually think of people who gossip, they arise from age-old traditions of certain peoples.

Most of all I love fairy tales, and my favorite writer of fairy tales is Hans Christian Andersen. He is the greatest storyteller of all time. He wrote many tales, such as OLE Lukoie the Swineherd, Thumbelina, the snow Queen, the little Mermaid, Wild swans and many many others. Each of his tales keeps a secret. When I read his stories, some excitement seizes me, and sometimes I feel sad and want to cry from his tales, as they are very insightful and make us think of those or other actions.The magical world of fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen's amazing. But my favorite of his tales is the tale the Wild swans. In my opinion this is the most exciting tale. It's about a beautiful Princess Elise, who had eleven brothers. But it so happened that she had to part with their beloved brethren, as she had the evil stepmother and she separated the children. Brothers wicked stepmother wanted to convert to the ugly birds, and to drive home. But the brothers were so honest and beautiful that to destroy their evil stepmother are unable. They turned into beautiful white swans and flew away.Eliza lived alone, missing his brothers and when he grew up, was a great beauty and good in everything, why would not touched. The stepmother hated her for that and wanted to kill. She smeared the ointment Eliza disgusting and disfigured her beauty, so that to know her was impossible. Then stepmother drove the Elise. Eliza lived in the forest. Washed at the stream, she became more beautiful than ever. In the forest, she made friends with one old woman, who was of little help to her. Once Eliza dawn saw eleven beautiful swans, and the old woman told her that it is her brothers.Eliza began to cry, because I really want those swans again became her brothers. The old lady said that to save them, you just do not feel sorry for myself and weave eleven coats of mail of stinging nettles and throw them at the brothers, then they will be saved. Eliza gathered all his will wove eleven chainmail and helped the brothers become human again. So much she loved her brothers! Then Eliza fell in love with the young king and took her as his wife. And all of them, defeating the evil stepmother, and then lived happily ever after. A wonderful tale! What is the deeper meaning inherent in it.And about friendship, and about love and about loyalty, and dedication for another person.

In fairy tales we learn, because the first books that we read as adults, it's just a fairy tale. They help us children to understand what is good and what is bad, explain much about how the world around us, help to develop good qualities in a person. Instill pity, compassion, willingness to help in difficult times the other person and of course teach is just perfect. We have a lot of fairy tales. My parents often buy tales, because then we all read aloud together and discuss.I would really like to when I grow up, I would never forget that in the world there are tales. As adults, I think when grow up often forget about it. It would be nice if we all could remember about them, both adults and children. Life probably would have been better and better.

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