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School composition

My favorite dog
Essay for class 5 on the theme "My favorite dog".

One winter, when I was still in elementary school, I managed to beg my parents for the birthday dog. Just by the way my girlfriend had puppies. They were not bred, or rather a mixture of Spaniel and shepherd. They were so beautiful and young! I am now very much looking forward to his birthday. The days passed so slowly, just stretched and stretched. I went to pay a visit to the little fortress. They grew up no time! I especially liked the two little dog.One of them was more like a Spaniel with the same long and curly ears, and the second at Ovcara, but almost all of it was black. The puppy was shining in licked mom wool. Now they even learned how to bark and growl.

 И вот он долгожданный день. Меня разбирала радость не от того, что это был самый важный день в году, и даже не от того, что получу кучу подарков от родных. Я просто порхала на крыльях и спешила со школы домой. Теперь у меня будет щенок! Поговорив с родителями, мы решили, что братиков разделять нельзя. Мне разрешили взять обоих! Счастью не было предела. Я побежала к подруге и рассказала о том, что решили мы дома. Она тоже очень обрадовалась и мы вместе словили щенков. Их мама нервничала, но ведь так уж заведено, что собачки не могут жить со всеми своими детками. Думаю, она это тоже понимала, просто волновалась за их судьбу. Домой мы дошли вскоре. Щеночки испуганно пищали, но их успокаивало мое тепло. Они были такие забавные и хорошенькие! Теперь у меня был двойной подарок судьбы. Малыши веселились вдвоем и старались привыкнуть к жизни без мамы и в новом доме.

Time passed quickly and the dog grew up. We named them Jack and Dick. They loved to fool around and play the mischief. Except Jack was very harmful and sneaky. He started to steal eggs from the chicken coop. His parents never forgave him and, despite our entreaties, took him somewhere. Actually I really blame them, but alas the decision was not in my competence. I was very sorry for him, but at least dick got. He missed, but I tried to entertain and overcome this loss.

Dick grew powerful and well-fed dog. He was distinguished by kindness and tenderness towards me. Dick all the time hugs and flippers. His legs were so strong that he forced me to fill up on the ground. The growth of my baby was lower than shepherds, and almost all of it has left black. Although it was not a pure breed, I loved him very much. Here I have had a dog.

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