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School composition

My favorite book writer Mark TWAIN
My favorite book writer Mark TWAIN
Probably no man in the world who has not read or heard about "the Adventures of Tom Sawyer". Generations of children and even adults have been reared under the influence of this book, and I will never forget the antics of the mischievous boys. His inventiveness, and reckless courage, Sunny disposition wins the heart of every reader.

Of the many books read, Tom Sawyer I liked the most. His irrepressible energy, love of freedom and the ability to get out of any situation – can serve as an example for everyone. For example, he cleverly escaped punishment from the meeting with the boys, and even persuaded them to paint the fence and get a toy paid for this work. The prizes are: a soldier, a dead rat, a kite and a key with a piece of chalk. He understood that people appreciate not the things themselves, and longing to receive them and the joy of owning them. The harder to extract, the more important seems thing.

Surprises and admires the generosity of this boy, how he's not afraid to take the blame to help others. Knowing how anyone got hurt, he sacrifices himself - he stoically withstand the blows that were meant for Becky, and without a single shout. This is not even an adult.

Even when there was a very desperate situation, and ended the last of his strength, Tom Sawyer never lost faith in himself and, showing great will power, helped their friends. So, he crawled exhausted with thirst and hunger, lost in the cave with Becky and saving her. He also did not remain indifferent to the disaster sentenced without guilt Potter and testified in court in his defense, though much feared and risked. People began to respect naughty boy and many in the city fell in love with Tom.

This simple street boy knew how to make friends really, and to share all that is, the latitude of the soul. He was a loyal friend Huck Finn, and though they were from different classes and parents forbade them to meet, together they have experienced many adventures and tried to become similar to their favorite characters. To be as intelligent and fair.

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