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School composition

My family
I have a very big and happy family! It consists of 6 people - mom, dad, sister, grandparents, and of course I am. I also have a cat Musya, she's the most important member of the family.

My mom's name is Natalia. She is very kind and fair, at the same time a little strict, but for us, it is the best. Mother works as a chief accountant in one of the major companies in our city. In her spare time she loves to sew, soon she plans to open her Atelier. It produces very beautiful things. And she cooks really well. Love her cinnamon rolls and her special pizza.

My dad's name is Anton. He works as an engineer. All the free time he spends with us, because very often goes on long trips. He has a hobby is fishing, so this weekend we travel around the lake, it doesn't even matter what the weather outside. In the summer we ride bikes, and skiing in winter.

My younger sister's name is Dasha. She is studying in second grade. Everyday we go to school together. She loves the dance, and from 5 years goes to modern choreography. They are a group often travel around the world, participate in various contests and win prizes. It is generally very versatile, loves to read, draw, play sports. We are very friendly, I am always ready to stand up for her or help.

I have a grandmother her name was Claudia, she worked at the school, a teacher of Russian language and literature, and the grandfather of Ivan, he was a doctor. They have 75 years together. My sister and I really love to listen to their stories. They met during the war and are still together. Now they are retired. In the summer grandma and grandpa are leaving the country, where they engaged in the garden. Grandma loves to plant beautiful flowers, and grandfather grows vegetables. We have a very large and beautiful garden. There grows a lot of fruit, berries and vegetables.In the village in the summer we have a cat, her name is Musya, winter, we're taking her back home. She is very affectionate.

I love spending time with family. I never get bored. I really wish I had the same big and happy family.

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