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School composition

My birthday
Essay for 5th grade.

Essay topic "My birthday".

As well, a person can be birthday. This is one of my most favorite holidays. Birthday we always invite a lot of guests to our home and hold a fun occasion. The main helper in this is me, my mother. She always tries to make all guests feel comfortable and good. I was born in the fall and so on the table we have a lot of delicious. After a Sunny summer, we always stock up different supplies and to the day of my birth buy various ripe fruits and vegetables.

I love to meet guests. I have many friends both at school and in the yard where we live. Usually have to invite 15-20 people. And all my friends. They are very noisy and cheerful. They are very kind and love to come to visit us. Every year they give me many different gifts. It - books, games, and Souvenirs, and sometimes just some useful things. We've been friends since childhood, when I went to kindergarten and our friendship does not stop until now.

When we come to all of my friends at home immediately starts the festive atmosphere. We start to share different experiences because some of them, we are friends, but don't see each other often, due to the fact that they live in different areas of our city. Discuss everything, someone tells you about some new movie, someone about a new computer game, someone on their achievements in the sports section, someone shares his impressions from reading the new book.Girls, because we are friends with both girls love to talk about their culinary abilities, especially when mom starts inviting us to the table. The girls immediately start to ask my mother how she cooks a particular dish. In General, my birthday is noisy and fun.

At the end of our holiday feast, the Pope makes a large cake that my mom bought in advance and he is always with candles. I love when on my birthday cake burning candles in my birthday. I congratulate all together, we start the tea and ate sweets. Some of them my mom bakes herself. She is a great mistress and it always turns out very tasty.

And how many phone calls and greetings happen on this day. They are our relatives, and friends of my parents, this day-call us with congratulations. Even a teacher at the school congratulates all of us in our birthday and wishes us a good future study. How nice it is that you all remember and not forget about you. That's exactly what we, when our friends are birthdays, don't forget to congratulate them. Lots of people send postcards, they are so beautiful that I started to collect them.

One day, dad, my birthday decided to invite me to the Museum and we visited the main historical Museum of the city. I still remember about that day. It was a memorable place. Everything there was so interesting and informative. Many interesting exhibits and displays we saw. With all time of existence of our city. The Pope knows the history of our city, and it as the best tour guide I talked a lot there about our city, about its inhabitants and its history. At the end of our trip he gave me a big book about our town and one smaller about this Museum.I keep them both at home.

Birthday is a wonderful occasion for everyone.

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