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School composition

My best friend (Dad)
Essay for 5th grade.

Essay topic "My best friend".

This composition I dedicate to my best friend, my father. I love your father very much and he is my best friend, mentor, my teacher and a tutor. His name is Vladimir Dmitriyevich. My father is young, kind, beautiful person. My parents studied together at one school when he grew up, graduated from high school and their education in institutions of higher education, got married, and then I was born.

My father is an example for me in everything. I respect him very much, except that still love him very much. He is a software engineer and always tinkering with computers. At home we housed a laboratory where he is always studying something, repairs, verifies. For hours I love to sit near it and to observe what he was doing. Mom says that the mathematical data I have are not as high as the Pope, but nevertheless always interesting to me to observe what he was doing. My father is strict but very caring person.He cares about me and my mom and my younger brother who doesn't go to school. My father is also a very good friend and he has many friends. Our home is often visited by his friends and always bring us your little brother some gifts. They, along with friends sometimes linger long after their business. Often I'm asleep and they are still working at the computer. Generally, I like to help my father and to imitate him in everything. My father always tries to help my mother in the household from this life our family friendly and cheerful.He always knows how to create in our house a friendly and warm atmosphere, so it is always desirable to resort to hug him. He never shouts at me and always explains everything to me in a calm voice even. His voice is clear and he sings well. My father is a very funny man. Sometimes he tells me some funny stories or joking about something. I was with him interesting and good. He always helps me do my school homework.Sometimes my classmates do not understand that my dad can be my best friend and sometimes making fun of me, I tell them only a smile. At home we play computer games together when we both havefree time. We came up with a joint website in the Internet and trying to work on it. Sometimes we go to the movies with him or something where he invites me. Recently we decided to go to the zoo, as I have long wanted to go there, and in biology it was a job that needed to be fulfilled. There we have a very interesting time. Saw different animals, fish, birds, and visited the greenhouse. Yet there we rode on a pony to a little cart. Dad laughed and said that it's so big it won't fit in this small truck, especially so awkwardly climbed in, I laughed heartily.

Still we have good music, which my parents love. We have a lot of stuff and often at home we sounds the most diverse music. Sometimes dad's friends bring him a present of some new wheels and we all together listened.

My father I always ask advice what to do in a particular case, and he willingly shares their thoughts with me. Sometimes I just trust him with any secrets, as it never fails me and you can trust him. Parent-teacher conferences at our school always goes to my dad. And with me at home sometimes holds a conversation in relation to study, because not all items I are equally well. But he always tries to help me, so I can better assimilate the material covered.

And mom and I and my brother trying to support dad. He enjoys great respect and in children and adults.

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