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School composition

Little fidget
This story happened in our family many years ago. I was still very small and inexperienced girl. Of course, everyone in the house was crazy about me, and the most I loved and admired my dad. I always knew, felt and at every opportunity used the dad's weakness. I always he allowed me. That's what happened this time.

Remember this Sunday is a wonderful day daddy almost all the time spent in his office, there is something looking at the big screen and tapping all the time on the beautiful big buttons. It's some time later I learned that the big screen is not a TV and computer monitor, and beautiful buttons it's his keyboard. And on this day, the Pope was finishing his thesis. Well, there's dad knocked, and knocked, and I was hanging around him. At some point the father stood up from the table and decided a little bit to warm up, headed to the kitchen.Leaving my office, he asked not to touch anything, and categorically forbidden to touch the keyboard. Daddy barely stepped over the threshold, as I climbed on a chair and began to consider inviting buttons. I understand that the Pope, speaking of the keyboard, meant the big screen. He did very little interest, but the buttons did not give rest. He couldn't resist, I finally pressed one finger the biggest button. And how much joy and emotion when the screen lit up and it began to disappear line by line of dad's memoirs. At this moment in came dad.Dropping to the floor with a mug of coffee, and clutching his head, he on the wings flew up to me and shouting I removed my hand from his buttons. The cry came, mom and grandma. They took me away from there. That day I my father had not seen. He worked hard to get back what I a single motion is erased. Fortunately he succeeded. The next morning, I guiltily she went to daddy in the office and was too afraid to look him in the eye, but he did not scold me, just picked up, hugged and kissed. Since that time, I didn't shkolnichek for daddy's Desk.

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