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School composition

Kayaking class
When the street became warmer and began in earnest the summer heat, we with my class decided to go to the pond at which we go kayaking. Accompany us will be the class teacher and several of our parents. Calculated so that one adult was in a kayak and control the process of rowing. We are now completing the last school week, close all the tails and pass the exams. And then we start a two week practice. Here and chose a couple of days for this event.

Finally, the wait for the end of the school week and began collecting their backpacks in the coming alloy. Took the most necessary things to maximize not to overload the canoe because it is at first glance it seems like this is not sustainable, which at any moment from not deft movements can overturn.

Tomorrow morning we all met up near our bus. Just a few minutes they all sat in their places, pre-packing your backpacks in the Luggage compartment. And the kayaks were already waiting for us on the spot, my father moved on a truck. The road we had a long, but it absolutely does not frighten us. We drove a few hours to the place from which to start our kayaking. On the Oskol Reservoir we arrived in the heat.After looking around, they all started to admire the beauty of nature: lots of greenery, a great reservoir of warm water and tall pine trees was pleasing to our eyes.

Our kayaks were waiting for us on the shore. Gathered about them, we discussed our plan of action, when and where we will camp for the night. In a few minutes all were in their places, previously putting on life jackets. It was very interesting to take up the paddle and go to swim. At first glance it seemed to me that it is very easy. But unfortunately it is not, you have to swim to the beat of everyone else and to keep the balance of a kayak to roll over. After many failed attempts to row, we finally figured out how to do it.Sailed 4 kayaks one by one. The weather was gorgeous, and most importantly, was calm. There is no doubt it was a big plus for beginners. From behind came the laughter of my friends. Someone poisoned interesting stories or just jokes. I rowed a few hours many of us are tired. Therefore, we decided to go ashore and make camp for the night. It was a small sandy beach on which to set up their tents. After a delicious dinner and went to rest. Because tomorrow we waited for the new day we spend on the pond.

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