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School composition

How I spent my summer
An essay on the topic "How I spent summer", 5 - 7th grade

This summer I spent actively and positively. June I finished about as well as in previous years, isn't particularly remarkable because I spent it in your city. But the next two months July and August I spent a very interesting, because I went on vacation to the village to relatives. With this period I lived away from home and hometown, I knitted me the most memorable moments and unforgettable emotions of summer. In the village, unlike the big city, time flows slowly. About the villages don't say phrases "the City that never sleeps".There is a feeling that flying for a month now, and really it turns out – a week or two. The morning began with the fact that I am helping families in the field. Because of the distance from the pumping station, the water in it is very expensive. But there is a well from which each of us takes the water sparkling and clear iron buckets. Dialed the water is very cold and crystal clear. As soon as you help relatives, from running to hanging out with friends.

In the village I found good friends with whom we walked all the free time. In especially hot days, we liked to walk near the river. Nakupavshis in it, we prevent poachers from neighboring villages. There was a case when a relative scolded me that I didn't come to eat. But I didn't want as my friends and I have baked myself a potato. It's nice to shift from place to place PPE potatoes, and eat it hot. And most importantly – very romantic got to spend those days like they were in the afterlife! I slept in an ordinary wooden house.Usually, after supper, I watched cousin communicates with her friends, quietly, without shouting and without haste. I liked to consider old books lying on a stone oven and I just rested.

I also kept a diary, as many of the characters studied works, I was counting the days until the end of the summer. I even had a thought that the place where I was is distant from his native island, and because it is a different rhythm of life. Perhaps because nature is at arm's length, or maybe just because city people are always in a hurry, broke away from a peaceful life. But I was born and raised in the city, I got used to it and got accustomed to his rhythm. Leaving the island of tranquility, I missed him, because back to school.

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