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School composition

Holidays in the countryside
This summer I went to the grandmother in village. My mom sent me to vacation there, as it seems that there is a good ecological situation. I was really what I went there for several reasons. First, I missed my grandparents, I love them very much, for me they are very close friends. Secondly, I like the village and village life. Third, I have friends there who are close to me.

The countryside that surrounded me – to my liking. Around the village are fields, woods, meadows, there is a small river. Nature is very picturesque, it is a pity that I have no camera to share this beauty. I liked the fact that I saw some animals which were previously observed only in the zoo: ducks, hares, woodpeckers, snakes, a Fox, a mole. I am very pleased with this fact.

In order to live in the village – you need to be a real workaholic. You need to get up at five or six in the morning to milk the cows. And though I am not a professional in this business, but I tried. My grandmother does best milking cows. I love to get up early to grandma poured me fresh milk. Warm milk from the cow – very tasty. Grandma and grandpa huge dick: couple acres of land, a pig, a cow, couple of sheep, a lot of different birds. I came up with most of the animal names because I liked them and I liked them.

I'm also friends with dog Yasha and cat Leonard. Though among themselves they're in trouble, but I get along with them one by one. I was very pleased with the fact that the neighbors were born kittens is very similar to grandma's cat. Probably, Leonard became a father.

In the village I have many friends – Sasha, Victor, Ivan and nick. They are my peers, also go to fifth grade. I have fun with them, we are diverse having a great time: ride bikes, swim in the river, walks in the woods for berries, watching TV. We are very good friends. I gave them my phone and they gave me their. We often talk on the phone because I want to go there next summer.

The only thing I don't like about rural life is the absence of the Internet. I feel sorry for that night it was impossible to play online toys, chat on Skype, watch real movies. But all this compensates for a varied interesting life.

I'm a typical city dweller, but the rest I enjoyed in the village. And all because it is beautiful, calm and good people. And also because I miss my beloved grandparents.

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