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School composition

History is my favorite subject (composition-reasoning)
History, one of the most interesting subjects at school. History, like science, is known since ancient times, historians were in ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. This science has no end, neither is it the time itself. All the important events of the present time after some time will become history.

I love this interesting subject, teachers tell us about the events of the past days show the various maps and films, and even sometimes we try with the help of a teacher to make programs for the PC on a historical theme.

In our class history teacher organizes a variety of events in the subject. Not so long ago we went with our teacher to the monument to soldiers who died in the great Patriotic War. He told us about how these people fought for their Homeland against the Nazis, what deeds were done, and then we put flowers at the Eternal Flame.

And recently held an evening of history of Russian literature, which involved the history teacher and his colleague in literature. This evening we talked about the poets and writers of the last century, how they lived, what went on and what was the fashion at the time, told us about Yesenin, and Akhmatova, as well as other great people of the 20th century.

It was a very interesting story of the writers 30 years of the last century, how they lived and how many of them have suffered in this terrible time, it is a pity that then killed so many people just for what they wanted to Express their opinion, as well as for false denunciations of envious and villains.

A little later we were told how to live our grandparents under Brezhnev. The teacher showed us the notes from Soviet Newspapers of that time, and even included an old radio to show us how people listened to foreign radio at the time.

It was a very interesting evening of history and literature at the same time. Really want to make such evenings have often been made in our school and to our teachers spent more and other exciting events.

I believe that history should teach us that society would not repeat the mistakes of the past, this is the value of history as a science for society and the individual.

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