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School composition

Happiest day in my life
In our daily life there are a lot of events that entail happiness and joy, sorrow or sadness. But each of us tries to remember only the happiest moments in my life. In the future, they warm the soul the good memories give strength in order to move forward, remind us that we are all happy people! So I have the most vivid and memorable day.

Remember now, this was several years ago. Summer, the first June days, but already the heat was unbearable. I have started a long-awaited summer vacation. How long have I been waiting for these warm, summer days. I've never been to the sea, so it was my fondest wish. And summer every year, I waited with trepidation, waiting for a miracle. In my dreams, I imagined our vacation, as I dive into the sea, looking at the bottom of colorful fish and seashells. On the beach playing with a kite, build sand castles and bask in the warm sunshine, listening to the sounds of screaming gulls and waves.

My parents have a very busy schedule, to leave difficult to go along the sea we still failed, so every summer they try to send me to camp, so I was able to relax and get new emotions. Before my departure was only one month, June has flown by, and now it is time to pack. In the morning my parents went, and by noon we were already in place. Dad helped to bring to my room the suitcase and all my things, and mum helped me to lay out. In the evening, a concert was organized with a disco and festive table.And flew day, it was time to say goodbye. Well, in camp there are parent days, no time to get bored. Morning came, as usual we went to have Breakfast at the table all met. During the day we played, had fun, sang and danced, swam in the pool. Everyone had a lot of fun. The days flew not noticeable. It was Saturday, the day when parents arrive. I was looking forward to meetings with them, so I decided to wait for them at the gate. And now they're close. Looking at mom, at dad, and don't recognize them, look so mysterious. And then dad said to me: "Pack your bags, we're going home!".I am at a loss ask: "Why? It took only 3 days". But my mom happily replied: "We leave and we are all together going to the beach!". "Hurrah! We're going to the sea!". I'm at the speed of light and ran to my room to pack my things within five minutes I was again at the gate. Directly from the camp, we went to long-awaited family vacation on the sea. At that moment I was the happiest, my dream has come true! Came the most happy day!

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