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School composition

Good and evil in folk tales
All of childhood, parents read stories. It made all the peoples of the world - to develop children's attitude to good and evil in the unobtrusive form of a game. Tales teach children to distinguish good from evil and draw conclusions about what is good and what is bad. The protagonist of each tale, as usual, a positive character who is faced with evil, but is upset or grieving very long and looking for the best way out of the situation.

But there are exceptions in fairy tales, where the main character is not a positive character, but rather negative. The tale then describes what an unpleasant situation this character can get over their negative qualities is the description of how he gets rid of them. For children these tales are very instructive and help to avoid mistakes in adult life, for good reason, many Russian folk tales end with the phrase "tale lie, so it hint - good fellows a lesson".

Such tales encourage children to draw conclusions about which traits and qualities of character in the future may do them more harm than good and the child will try to get rid of them, to be honest, kind, responsive and fair. No matter what people is the author of tales of German, Russian, Ukrainian, etc. the idea of all the fairy tales one - evil must be punished, and justice must prevail.

The protagonist of the tales do not always cope with the problems alone. Often helps him in this minor character, it can be the good fairy, dwarf, bird, animal, kind and wise man and so on. Then the following tale carries the sense of the child - we need people who are in difficult situation to help, and if he got into a dangerous situation, you do not need to be ashamed to ask for help and accept help from others. So the child learn to be compassionate and to trust the people who want him in anything to help.

No need to belittle and entertaining moment in folk tales. Children are very interesting to listen to and read stories, to empathize heroes of the fairy and, with bated breath, to survive their adventure. Children love stories, regardless of race, colour and religion. Through the fairy tales they receive their first life lessons, learn to Express their opinions, develop memory and thinking, draw conclusions. Retell tales for kids - fascinating and useful employment.And most importantly - children resent injustice and the good news is that the fabulous villain in the end will always be punished, because fairy tales with a bad end does not happen, because folk tales should carry only good.

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