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School composition

Going to the Museum
One day my mother decided to take my sister to the regional Museum. It was quite a journey for us and a real family holiday. So it was interesting to go new places, see different monuments on the way to the Museum. First we visited the old planetarium, where it was all so mysterious and unusual. We were shown different planets and constellations. In General, there are a lot of positive impressions. Then we went to the art gallery, where was held the exhibition of paintings by local artists. They were very beautiful and made a very good impression.

And now, it's time to visit the local Museum. It was a three-story building. In the lobby we were greeted by the guide and began the tour. On the ground floor were located the exhibits of animals that are found in our region. We saw a huge stuffed cow and pig. They were huge and similar to live. It is a little agitated because of these huge stuffed animals we never saw. In the next room was located Windows, behind which is located the plant world, assembled in our surroundings. It was very interesting to see the grass on which we tread every day.

On the second floor we found the exhibits of ancient people that lived in our lands. We were shown a variety of tools and household items, which they enjoyed. We tried to figure out exactly how people cultivated the land, enjoyed the items at the time. It was so interesting and unusual that it caused a lot of impressions. I managed to find a shard from a broken clay plates. It was hand-painted ornament that I wanted to consider fully.In the Museum I managed to see a similar kitchen utensils, and to understand, finally, what she looked like. We also saw the prototypes of our garden equipment. We were told how it was used and in which cases.

Now it was the turn of the third floor. Here were no less interesting, because we showed a collection of relics from the Second world war. We saw a variety of documents, books, and there were uniforms and weapons. All these items felt something strange, immediately I was drawn picture of military operations. We understood that many things were lost during the fighting, and their owners certainly dead. It was very creepy.

When we left the Museum, did not stop to discuss what they saw and decided that we will ever come here.

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