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School composition

The bell rang and the school was quiet. The students went to their homeroom classrooms, the class has begun. The recreations of the cleaners washed the floors, slowly moving the bucket of water. And the corridors occasionally passed teacher available at the moment from the lesson.

In the fifth "A" grade passed the mathematics lesson. The guys decided the job sent from the City Department of Education, it was a quarter test. The tasks were divided into two options. The class was tensely quiet. The teacher Valentina walked between the rows of the tables and looked in the notebooks of the children, occasionally making someone's comments. Lesson time quietly came to an end.

Sergey Lavrov has decided two tasks, and the third he did not go. He looked at his neighbor Alain Aluminu, looked to her notebook. They had different options, he noticed that Alena has already solved all three tasks. He quietly pushed it under the table leg. Alena looked at him, he eyes showed her on their third task.

- Help - quietly asked Sergei.

Alena silently shook her head. Then Sergei pushed Alain with his elbow in the side.

You'll regret it, ' he said quietly.

- Think yourself,- said Alena.

- That there is a meeting Lavrov Alumina? Each communicates only with his notebook, right? Who did it solve, put notebooks on my Desk - said Valentina.

Allen got up and took his notebook on the table Valentina Mikhailovna.

Sergey, as he thought, quietly pushed in the back sitting in front of Maxim. But when max turned his head back as Valentina responded immediately.

- Lavrov, calm down and do not touch anyone. Bring me your notebook.

Sergei sighed and lowered his head, carried his notebook on the teacher's Desk. Soon the bell rang with a lesson. At recess to Sergei came to his friends: Gleb and Zhenya.

- What Serge, something is not decided?- asked Eugene.

- Yes, a third job.

I also fiddled, but then figured out how to solve. If you were anywhere near me, I would have let you cheat off me, we're on the same option with you. I'm only on the first row sit, and you're on the third.

- I'm generally on another option sit,- said Gleb - I figured it out.

Is all Alunina, did not want to help me. And I also decided. Well, today we will show her, right, guys?

- What should we do with it?- Gleb asked.

Snow McNealy.

- It can be. But she's not the only one who goes home and Dink.

- So both will be dipped. Will make them snowmen.

The guys laughed.

The three of them were friends since the first grade. They lived in the same house. So that all the holidays they spent together. Went swimming in the river, fished, played yard football team.

Everywhere they were together. All tried to help each other. Especially when it came to blows with someone. All the other guys were trying them not to get involved in any conflicts. Afraid of Hleb, while Gleb was a very well-balanced and calm boy. But the thing is that Hleb with the first class went to the sports section of Sambo, where a coach was his father. Because of all the fights Hleb always came out the winner.

And still minor skirmishes with other children happened. Most often the fault of snooty Sergei. Its like they thought male friendship the guys are very proud. They even had a motto, like the Musketeers: one for all and all for one.

Girls guys treated leniently. Unless girls can just be friends as they are. Girls can only whisper to each other, to gossip, Yes to abenefit, and if the matter before something serious will come, immediately in tears. That's really what they like is about and no reason to cry. Here they are, these girls.

After school Alena together with Dina got out of school. And once they turned the corner of the school, as they came under a barrage of snowballs. Sergey, Eugene and Gleb in advance nagotove snowballs, threw them on the girls. Alena and Dean by surprise, screamed and ran inland across the Playground, trying to run away from the advancing boys. But there it was. The boys caught up with them on the Playground. Gleb caught up to Dean, grabbed her shoulders and turned to face him. Dean looked at him. Gleb pushed Dinah and she fell into the snow. He, not allowing Dean to rise, began to throw its snow.Meanwhile Sergey has caught up with Alena and with a running jump with a force pushed her back.

Alain, when he reached the sports of the bench, tripped over it and, having exposed forward hands, fell on hard-Packed path. Falling, she uttered a loud cry. When Sergei ran up to Alena, she continued to lie still. Seeing all this, Gleb together with Eugene ran up to Alena. After some time, Alena moved, and slowly began to rise to his feet. On her forehead she had a big bruise. Left hand she carefully kept his right arm. When she looked up , the boys saw that she was not crying, but the tears just froze in her eyes. Came Dean.She shook herself from the snow, then started to shake Aliona. But Alena stopped her:

- Not necessary, very painful. Let's go home. My arm is hurting badly.

Dean grabbed his briefcase, picked up the portfolio of Alena, and they walked slowly to the house Alena.

- All - said Sergei now starts to complain to mommy and daddy, and then another guess and Valentina Mikhailovna. We know these girls. A little bumped and all, tragedy. Hurt her you see.

Gleb and Zhenya said nothing. The mood of all three has deteriorated. One more Sergey swaggered. So, they say, it should be. Next time will be smarter. To go anywhere did not want, and they have little standing on the Playground, went home.

The next day Alain did not come to school. Not, and it was on the third day and throughout the week. Boys no nothing asked, as if nothing had happened. The girls asked Dean why Alain doesn't go to school. Dean said that Allen slipped and fell, breaking his right arm.

And at the end of the week Valentina had announced that after school would be a great hour. In homeroom Valentina suddenly talking about friendship, mutual aid, friendly attitude towards each other.

- In our class had an emergency,- said Valentina Mikhailovna, it turns out, Alan Alunina not she slipped and fell, breaking his arm. One of our guys pushed her in the back, and she tripped over a bench and fell. I learned this quite by accident. From the boys of another class. I, like the parents of Alena thought that she fell. As it turns out, helped her to fall. And did the guys from our class. In addition to the broken arm Alena still has a slight concussion. Someone in the class knows who pushed Alain?

The class fell silent.

- Can someone who's made himself stand and admits or courage is not enough?

Gleb slowly stood up and said:

- J.

- Who else was with you?

- I, rising, said Jack.

The two of you were there?

The class was quiet again. Sergei, head down, continued to sit at the table.

- Well, okay then, which of you pushed Alain?

Gleb turned in the direction of Sergei, and, seeing that that does not arise, said:

- I pushed.

Dean wanted to say something, but looking at Hleb, he said nothing.

- Dina, Gafarova, is there something you want to add?- asked Valentina.

- No. Anything - quietly replied Dean.

- So, Gleb, so Monday at school with their parents came. Do you understand?

- Realized.

After class hours in the street Zhenya came to standing near the school Sergei and asked:

- Why are you not up yet? Why not admit that it was you who pushed. Now you have Hleb to take the rap?! Are you that coward?

I'm not scared. Just, if I confess, father will never buy me a laptop, and the street will not be allowed.

At this time, from the school came out Hleb. It even got sent to the head teacher on educational work. See guys, he approached them.

- Gleb, I mean, I'm not scared, quickly spoke Sergei Zhenya I already said why I didn't get up.

- Well, not stood, so stood up. What to talk about. To explain anything I do not, you better explain yourself why you did not get up. And I understood it all. Okay, Jen, went home.

- He's just the laptop is more expensive than our friendship, ' said Jack.

And they both Gleb and Eugene went home, and Sergei, looking after them, remained standing in the school yard.

Ten days later, on Monday, Alain came to school. Dean was carrying her briefcase. Right hand Alena was in a cast. Dean helped Allen to undress in the locker room, and together they went to class. Alena wanted to undo the briefcase and get the textbook and a notebook, but she was bad at it. Then Dina, preparing herself for the lesson, I went to help Alain.

It turns out that all these days, Dean went every day to the Allen home, and together they did homework. Dean Allen explained new topics in mathematics and Russian language to Alain not far behind from school. In other subjects Alena were doing themselves. Alena barely learned to write with his left hand.

On Monday, Sergei stood on the first floor and saw came Alain. Then came Gleb together with his father. Sergei hid that Gleb did not notice him. Gleb's father was standing on the ground floor, clearly someone waiting. After some time, approached, the Director of studies on educational work, and they all went together to the office of the Director. After a slight pause in his shelter, Sergey went to the second floor and walked to the staff room. After a slight pause, he hesitantly knocked on the door.

- Enter!- answered from office.

Sergei stuck his head in the teachers ' room, looking through the eyes of Valentina Mikhailovna. Valentina noticing Sergei, said:

- Laurels, you come to me?


- Wait, I'll be right out.

Valentina walked out of the staff room, closing the door behind him.

- Something happened, Serge?- anxiously she asked.

- Yes, happened. Came father Gleb Mironov and together with Gleb took to the Director. And it is not necessary to the Director, because Hleb is not to blame. I pushed Alain.

Why are you immediately in homeroom not say it, scared?

- Yes, I was scared. And we're friends with Gleb, so he justifies me.

- Why you decided to confess, if not immediately, and now?

- I am ashamed that I chickened out.

Okay. We are now together let's go to the Director, and you're there all by yourself will tell you when Gleb and his father. Agree?

- I agree.

Valentina together with Sergey went to the Director. When they went to the principal's office, I saw that Hleb is in the middle of the room, and the teacher talks about what he's done. Valentina Mikhailovna apologized and said:

- We came here to bring some clarity in this whole story. It turns out that Hleb is not to blame. About it I just told Sergei Lavrov. Sergey pushed Alain, after which she broke her arm. Sergei just didn't have the courage to admit to it in homeroom. But now he very much regrets. They're friends, and Sergei very ashamed in front of his friend for his cowardice.

Sergei stood silently, his head bowed, and his eyes rolled silent tears.

The Director stood up from his seat.

- Ah, here it that! Well, it is commendable that the reason he found the strength and confessed to the crime. This suggests that conscience conquered fear, and Sergei got on the right path, the path of recognition of their misconduct. Gleb, shield other, almost to himself is not harmed, only the recognition of Sergei, was not punished. But understand Hleb, shield other, you thereby provoke it to the next offense. Because of this act he has not suffered any punishment. Does that make you his help, and he's setting you up. And this is not a real friendship.Okay, Sergey found the courage and confessed his fault and if he didn't? Think about it guys. I'm not going to punish anyone. But you have to go through in this story and to apologize to Alyona. I have everything, all free. Goodbye.

The school bell rang, and Valentina said:

- You guys go to class.

Gleb and Sergei came out of the Director's office. In the corridor they waited for Jack. He looked at Sergei.

- Then explain, said Gleb, and the three of them ran to class.

And in the Director's office continued the conversation.

- Would you excuse me Vadim, what we don't understand this situation and decided that it was your glib talking to father Gleb said Valentina.

- But he himself admitted this. So that part of the blame too. Maybe it checks the friendship is real or not,- said Vadim.

- Maybe you're right. And what are girls. No, nothing didn't tell anyone. Here women,- said the Director - Valentina, you talk to the parents of Alena, tell them everything.

- Well, Vasily Petrovich, I will.

At the end of lessons Hleb came to Alena and asked,

- May I help you to bring the portfolio home?

- Can - said Alain,- only a little more snow we don't push.

- No, you will not. Forgive us Alena, we didn't mean for this to happen.

I believe you, Gleb.

Gleb took the portfolio of Alena approached and said to Dean:

Now I'll be your chaperone, do you mind?

- No, I don't mind. I even for. Then in the morning go for the briefcase.

- Well, I don't mind.

From school they went five. Gleb with two portfolios, Sergey and Zhenya in front, and behind them were Alan and Dean. Jack told the guys:

- And the girls they too, can keep a secret.

- And friends, too, who turns out,- said Sergey.

And not crybabies at all, and not sneak - summed up Gleb.

After seeing the girls, the boys went home. On the way Sergey said

- Guys, and how now our friendship is over?

- Why is over , continues. Only let each other not to substitute, even for laptops,- said Gleb.

Like the old: one for all and all for one!- exclaimed Eugene.

And the guys responded:

- One for all and all for one!

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