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School composition

Festival fable
In that distant time, when we were still in elementary school, we had a large number of varied and exciting events and competitions. But more memorable in memory there was a festival in the fables of Krylov.

A similar festival was the first team event we had to face yourself, without the help of the class teacher. Initially, we wanted to prepare for the scene on their own. After the lessons we were going on a school summer stage and tried to somehow do something similar to fable. We jumped and crawled, live in the role as real actors, I laughed at his antics, and each other, simultaneously arguing about who some of the attributes will be able to bring to our scenes.

The most fervent, in fact, was that throughout his rehearsal, we had to stop to ward off from the veranda of our rivals. But it did not "Jell". Cast fables begged almost on his knees. But there was no release from the performers as "pogorelica" curious onlookers and classmates. The outcome of all these our endeavors that we had to seek the assistance of their parents.

Our training went much faster but no less heavy. As in our team during the next rehearsal was not the girls who are not engaged in the scene, then the role of the artist Dragonfly was unanimously approved by classmate Vitaly. The remaining boys started with great enthusiasm to discuss how to put Vitaly and what clothes you need for him to wear. Basically, everyone wanted to see the actor in women's shoes and of course high heels.

Here is finally the long-awaited day of our premiere. All our joint efforts, as it turned out, was not unsuccessful. The appearance on the school stage of a Dragonfly, performed by acne, and all spectators, fans, and members of the jury just "got out of their seats", so our success was stunning. We till the end of the event hoped to take one of the prizes. And so it was, our team was awarded the first prize in the festival in the fables of Krylov.All were thrilled, congratulated and thanked each other, especially my mother, which gave the cosmetics, shoes and clothes for this scene.

It was one of my most memorable events was in elementary school.

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