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School composition

Favorite school
Just a few days and will ring the school bell. He will again gather at school desks thousands of boys and girls. Before them opens again uncharted territory. 

I, too, with great impatience expected the first of September. For three months I really miss the native school favorite. So you want to see teachers and classmates. This means that passed the first stage, and now will be more complicated, but very interesting items. There will be new teachers, and it all goes to shit, but at a new level.

With the first meeting with the school I really liked it. It is very light, spacious, is where to run, and sometimes you can even get lost. Our school is very old, trained both kids during the war. And next year the school will celebrate the centenary. Even our students have a unique opportunity to visit more than ten circles, sections. We have probably the largest Assembly hall, not much lagging behind the sports hall and, of course, quite spacious dining room. The disciples with joy at recess I run to the canteen to eat.In our school there is a huge library and a reading room.

Almost every weekend, we held some activities. This Hiking and sports competitions, beauty contests, and music competitions. As the school cooperates with foreign countries, and sends his disciples on a vacation to Poland, England. And our kind, good, wise, honored teachers can talk endlessly. They are to us as second parents. Always ready to help, lend a hand, give intelligent and useful advice. Teachers diligently searching for a approach to every student, never endure it of difficult life situations that sometimes arise for students.

Sometimes I am haunted by sad thoughts. The thing is that you will pass years and I, like many other students will have to leave the native school and boldly step into adulthood. It will be very sad, but at the same time joyful moment, as we shift comes a new, little girls and boys. They, like us will need to learn, attention and care.

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