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School composition

Favorite animal
Essay for grade 5 on the topic "Favorite animal"

I've always wanted to have a house pet, but the parents did not agree to support it. Fun classmates talked about their Pets and their antics. I only had to listen to all the narration and just envy your friends. It's good to walk around the yard with a big dog or feed a fussy parrots, care for them and to observe. But my dreams were only dreams.

Once I came out of the class and began to prepare my homework at my Desk. Mom and dad somehow was delayed and came late. But when they appeared in the hallway, he heard a weak meowing. First, I had that sound coming from behind the window, but when I was approached by a dad, I understood. He opened the floor coat and pulled out into the light a little kitten. It turns out the parents were away and took him from the owners of the celebration. My delight was not possible to transfer. I carefully took the kitten in his hands and tried to pet it. He looked scared at me and tried to break free.The whole evening he studied the new home and tried to leave the apartment and at night drank the milk and fell asleep in a warm chair.

The next day I do legs ran home from school. A new friend already in a good mood greeted me and immediately began to jump around the room. I laughed at his acrobatics and began to play with him. A thread with a bow on the end proved to be right in the teeth of a kitten and he dragged her into another room. Along the way, the cat fell back, biting homemade toy and tried to scratch claws. Passed a lot of time and I had to leave the animal alone to feed him and sit for the lessons.After all, if I'm a kitten not to do well in school, then mom can give my favorite.

After the operation parents invited me for tea and offered to give the kitten a name. We long thought how to name our cat, showered a lot of suggestions, but the last word was left for me. And I I immediately wanted to call pussy Bagheera because of its black color. And she looked as a future Panther. They all agreed with me. Now I have something to show off to school friends. And yet, I am very fond of the kitten and constantly caring for him. It became my real hobby. Her coat became shiny and does not fade. In response Bagira became less destructive and a step does not depart from me. Mom and dad are also excited her and laugh at her antics. All excited about the new family member.

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