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School composition

Essay about the summer incident
Summer is a great time to relax. That is why in this period people go on vacation and children for the holidays. In the summer there are many different stories and happenings with each person. 

I spend my summer vacations with my grandmother in the village. My parents are constantly working, so they just don't have time to sit with me. But this is the best. It is the village I like to relax most. Here with me was a lot of interesting stories, and this year is no exception.

This summer, as always, I went to the grandmother. She looks forward to my arrival. Grandma really misses, so when I come in, always nice. I love her very much and she me too. This time mom gave her lots of gifts and different Goodies. In the village you go to swim in the river. In order to reach it one must pass through a small woods. I've never been afraid to walk through it, until he saw the wolf.

In a normal hot day we gathered with friends to go swimming. There we go without an adult already, just with older guys - there is a lot always. The guys went ahead, and I'm a little behind. I had pain in my leg, because I fell in the garden, and now could barely walk. But I was in no hurry. Suddenly I very much wanted to use the toilet. I told the guys that go out a bit, and deepened into the thicket. For a moment I thought that besides me, there is someone else. It gave me shivers, and wanted to hurry back to his friends. Feeling someone else's presence did not leave me even for a moment.Suddenly I heard a breath behind, I turned around and stood in front of me stood a wolf, and apparently, he was not is friendly. I didn't know what to do in this situation, this was not even shown on TV. What the wolf has big teeth and tough look! I had to prepare for the worst, and I mentally said goodbye to life and closed her eyes. But then I heard wolves howling. He opened his eyes, but the wolf wasn't already. Before me stood a grandfather Gregory, a neighbor of my grandmother. He drove the wolf weapon, and told me that the last time in this forest, a lot of wolves appeared, they are getting closer and closer to the people.Grandpa told me to get back to my friends, and more unaccompanied not appear in the forest. I thanked him and ran to tell all the guys. They, too, got scared, and then we do not go in these places.

Here is an incident happened with me this summer. Now I became much more attentive and careful, and trust. more will he not go, especially in the village!

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