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School composition

Description lilies
Is actually very strongly love flowers. I'm attracted to both indoor and outdoor. They are just lovely! Each plant has a special aura and energy. They are able to lighten the mood after a difficult day at school, improve health with the disease. I believe that plants are endowed with special powers, which are designed to bring huge benefits.

Once I planted the front garden with new bulbs of lilies. It will have to grow a remarkable beauty - the pride of my collection. The winter passed and the ground began to hatch a little boring. It was plump, like bumps red, young shoots of lilies. How long did we have to wait until they grow up and discard the flower heads! Actually maybe not long, but it seemed to me. Each Lily should bloom on its own. They are different varieties. And every I look forward with great anticipation.

Then came the long-awaited moment - the first beauty revealed her head. It was a magnificent flower. He gaped amid garden greenery with its white color. The edges of the petals of the Lily could be seen thin, like a thread, hem in black. This flower looked like drawn on a canvas of a skilled artist. He exuded a delicate and very persistent aroma, which was heard all over the yard. The smell was like expensive perfume. Maybe it is with these lilies and produce scents for women, who knows.In General, I was proud of her beauty very much and it seemed to me that I managed to grow a most charming representative of this species.

But the greatest was when my favorite opened in turn and all the other buds. It was a very large inflorescence, which is simply not possible to miss. A huge bouquet in one massive leg - a beautiful sight. White large flowers struck my fancy with their enchantments. It was good that I was chosen to plant this variety of lilies. He will become my property and, after breeding in a meadow in my garden. Waking up in the morning, I jumped out into the street in order to admire Lily.Its bloom lasted long enough and I was very pleased to behold this beauty.

A little later flourished and other varieties of lilies. They were all beautiful and unique in their own way. However, I will long be remembered in the first bloom of my favorite. Now in my garden there is harmony and beauty. Distributed around the delicate aroma of blooming lilies. It's just gorgeous plants that definitely deserves to adorn every yard and garden.

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