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School composition

Day at school
Every day in school memorable. I'm in fifth grade and my class is the most friendly, fun and exciting. Together we are like one big family. Children are always ready to help each other and support in difficult times. And yet, we always share with each other different sweets or toys at recess.

How to start my day at school? Well, at least from what I come. We live far from the school, but I go there on foot. Because I need to go to her two carriageways of the road, I was driving to the grandparent. Dad's always at work and mom stays home with little sister. She's only nine months, so when it's cold outside, mom can't take her out. But I love that I'm walking to class. It makes me feel better, and then not sitting sleepy in the classroom.

As soon as I arrive at school, I always perfect my friend Alyosha. Together, we are inseparable. I'm helping him do homework, he told me. In the morning we'd talk about different topics, but then the bell rings. 

The first lesson, we almost always math. Here again we begin to solve puzzles and different examples. To be honest, I love this subject and have already participated in the competition in mathematics. I won second prize, and this was my first achievement.

Second period on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Russian language. Again we write dictations, essays, learn the rules. Here is Russian language I always have a limp - well, I constantly make mistakes, and only due to carelessness. I understand that if I do not know the native language, it is unlikely to succeed in other subjects.

The fourth lesson I have read. I read well, so this subject always get the highest score.

The fifth lesson on Monday is gym. Here's where you can warm up and mentally relax! I love sports, but because physical education was my favorite subject. After gym, I always lifted the mood.

The lessons we are different, but all of them describe is not enough paper. At recess I play with my friends, and if there was a task to learn a poem, then on the break I always repeat. After the second lesson I'm going to eat in the dining room - here the food is very tasty and satisfying.

After the lessons me home takes someone from the family. This is how my every day in school. But these days, the most vibrant bright emotions and unforgettable impressions in my life. I think that when I grow up, I won't miss them. Such moments are never forgotten.

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