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School composition

Commemorative walk
One day my friends decided to take a walk at a local Park. It was autumn time and we gathered in his company after school. It was a joy, and wonder in my soul at this moment. We used to stroll here with his parents, and now independently study area. Our cheerful noise broke the calm silence of the Park. This place attracted all sorts of imagination and thought. We have figured out how to entertain himself, wandering among the ancient trees.

First, some of us accidentally came upon a clearing, where was a statue of a deer. Little did we know that in the midst of these forests is such a masterpiece. It was a real copy of the animal, only made of concrete. This discovery fascinated us all. Before none of us not been in these bushes. And suddenly, this monument was forgotten and we became its first discoverers? We have considered every detail and admired the fine workmanship. Suddenly the boys noticed on the adjacent meadow and another monument. It was a tiger. He was a bit destroyed, but the figure was still recognizable. This place was just mesmerizing. It looks fabulous and unusual. We opened up a new unexplored and felt even better Indiana Jones.

Going a little further, we came across an old shooting range. The building was abandoned and closed. We tried to look through cracks and see what's inside. The imagination of each of us played his paintings and no one remained indifferent to these new discoveries. This huge Park was situated the little Church to which my parents often went. We all together rushed to look at her surroundings. To our surprise there we found something unexpected. There was a huge abandoned pool. It could fit about three hundred people.We ran and frolicked along its bottom, inventing different games.

Everyone had so much fun that nobody wanted to go home. Around silently stood an old pine. They have not heard children's laughter. It was so mysterious and sad, wanted to think, that all these neighborhoods have not been visited by humans, although the human hand is needed here. Next to the pool was located birch grove. Some trees already fell from old age, and the rest dumped their huge branches high above the ground. It smelled like an extraordinary mystery. It was like a fairy tale.

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