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School composition

Commemorative walk
Essay for class 5 on the theme "Commemorative walk".

One fine spring day this year, I was walking down the street. Everything seemed so normal - the same house, the same road. But suddenly I looked up in surprise - all the things, but not that! I was, as usual, but did not pay attention to how spring transformed the nature around us. It happens the same way: get used all the time to dig in your own mind, tinkering in his worries and not see something beautiful and enjoyable that surrounds you!

The whole street is plunged into the fragrance of different colors. Places on the branches already were built with such young and tender leaves. They have not gained their rich color and hardly gaping light green color. Between them plays a mild spring Zephyr, who leads his story about distant lands. Leaves heard surprised, because they never saw anything else. Gentle sun warms these young shoots on the trees, the bushes. It gently strokes the magnificent flowers, which recently opened its blossoms. Their fragrance is sprayed all around the neighborhood.Everything breathes fine fragrances and purity. Now the whole world is like perfume, smell fragrance of nature. This is a great time of recovery of vital resources. Now reappear on the trees and bushes fruit, people will be able to grow a new and delicious harvest.

Suddenly I noticed a flock of birds who drank the cool water from puddles. Drunk plenty, they flew to the nearest tree and immediately began to sing their melodious songs, and such long-awaited. It's so great to hear them sing, which fell silent in the fall.

Soon the sky was covered with thick and dark clouds. The sun was hiding and began to drip a light rain. It drops quiet tap-danced on the pavement. I took the opportunity to escape, not to get wet. The rain had watered the soil and plants, washed the filthy streets and ran the thin streams along the roadsides. It was so fascinating - nature gives life, concerned for her well-being, watered and feed all its inhabitants.

In spring all nature revives from its long winter rest. She gives people their charm and love. It is a pity that in this period at school are way behind that sometimes you just do not have time to notice the beautiful, to admire the splendour and beauty.
I love nature! This walk was special to me - I finally saw spring, and the dawn has not passed by as usual. Now I'll remember this exciting moment.

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