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School composition

City Park
With the advent of the first heat in our town opened an amusement Park. This is the only place where you can ride different rides or simply walk along a long Avenue. When I was very young, I was often transported in a wheelchair mom for a walk in the Park. It was there, away from the busy roads it was possible to breathe fresh air and have a good rest for a few hour walk. My mother then was too tired, so tried to get away from the bustle of the city.

Our apartment is located in the heart of the city, and the Park is located a little further, which is to go slow gait for about twenty minutes. When you come to the territory of the green zone, once you feel like in the forest, on the grassy meadow. A large number of trees that easily shade bright rays of the sun, attracts a lot of people from our town. This is the place where you can relax, gain strength, or just about something else to think about. I repeatedly notice how there spend their time young couples and lonely old people who are thinking about their lives.Emotions from their faces can be read with ease. Here is the old woman a little sad from a long separation from their children and grandchildren, but this grandfather sincerely rejoice at the birth of great-grandson. I do love to see the reactions of people and guess their internal state. My mom says that in adult life I become a good psychologist who will help people solve their problems. But while I was a little boy who loves to play with his friends.

After school activities often run with the boys to the Park to play football. There, among the trees, a soccer field where a little kid my dad used to play. Time goes, and tradition does not change. Here we have chosen this place as a rest for hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from the city. You imagine, birds singing, a light breeze and a small river is a Paradise for local residents.

Many, waiting for the weekend go to barbecue. Our family also loves to go out to the river, to roast meat and bake potatoes in the coals. And then go ride on the carousel. Here, you can choose for themselves any attraction. Personally, I really like to ride the Ferris wheel, which offers a wonderful view of the beloved city. It is particularly beautiful in the evening when the street was dark and the city will Shine the bright lights.

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