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School composition

Christmas tree
Will tell you a cautionary tale about how it is impossible to judge about anything, only in appearance. There was one day in the forest a little tree. Among his peers she was the most ugly. Its branches were not so fluffy, the trunk is slightly curved. All over it was a joke, because compared to other it seemed very awkward. Over time the tree grew up and every year they cut down for sale for the holidays. Grew up and our baby. But nobody was cutting, but she was not as pretty as everyone else. Who would want such a tree?The years went by and around her leaving only bare stumps. However, our Christmas tree stretched to the sun. It's tall and its branches picked up strength. They have acquired a dark green color, and each needle shone in the sun emerald color. Curved barrel slowly leveled off. Prisypali the snow was falling silver right at its foot, and thought whether some sort of fairy sprinkles her magic, the magic dissolving into the winter night. She was very beautiful and it was visible from afar.

Once in the forest came an order for a huge Christmas tree for the capital of the country. The delegation drove around and chose a tree. And in the other, rushed into the eyes of enormous beauty, which was visible in a clearing of felled stumps. The wind played its luxurious branches, and they like the hair on it has evolved. This tree was like the most beautiful girl who languished in prison. And they decided not just to cut down a tree and replant it on the main square of the country.

Once crooked and awkward tree has now become the main asset of the New Year. Our tree was decorated by the best stylists. Each twig was framed by expensive ornaments, even in the night she shone the brightest lights. People from all over the country flocked to it to admire and take pictures near our beautiful. They danced, danced and had fun. She gave joy to everyone around.

Now we know that anyone, even the most crooked trees can be a unique plant of great beauty. Nature never gives it life. Everything always has a purpose. And if you judge a book only by its cover, you can very much mistaken. After all, if the fir was initially beautiful, it would immediately cut off and after the feast was thrown, and so she was able to grow and prove to the world your uniqueness.

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