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School composition

Book is source of knowledge
The book is the main source of knowledge, and it simply cannot be replaced. I love to read, and rejoice when I see my friends in the library or with a book in his hands.

Today, when modern technology reached its highest level, are increasingly society's preference for a convenient device that take up less space and offer a lot of functions for various purposes. Are computers, laptops, phones, and electronic books. E-books and began to replace the printing of the last century. It is possible to upload a lot of different stories and histories, and such a device will always be with you. Yes, it's comfortable. But how could this device replace reading?

What a pleasure to read and listen to rustle of the page. In this case, the acute smell of fresh print, and it seems like you get into the shop, which very closely monitors each engraved letter. As soon as you open the book, then immediately totally immersed in the story that is written on its leaves. Sometimes you can imagine yourself in the role of the protagonist. I often do that. In these moments I come to mind different ideas about how I would have behaved in a given situation.

The book is a source of knowledge. In addition, it teaches to be kind, intelligent, responsive. For good reason, in the literature we teach the works of different authors. It is very important to me lessons, because I feel so much better. A few times I even participated in competitions in literature. I really liked it and I took third place.

Reading the book, one becomes spiritually higher. He learns that what may did not know. I'm really scared of getting what the modern generation does not know the value of books. It's bad. Thanks to my grandmother, who from an early age taught me to read.

Very often I go to the school library. There are a lot of shelves with books for different classes. We can borrow the book for a week and even two. I especially like to read in the evening. Quietly I sat down at the window, include a table lamp and immersed in reading. No one bothers me, because mom and dad know that in such moments, I like to enjoy the works in full.

The book is magical, indescribable. I perceive the world as it is. Not in a million years I would not change any of the modern technical innovations. They will not bring me as much fun to give books.

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